The Barge Party is no more

We are saddened to announce that the Sandusky Bay Barge Parties have been cancelled.
Morgan Addington-Hodge
May 14, 2013

According to a post on the Facebook Page of the Sandusky Bay Barge Party, the events have been canceled.

The Facebook post reads, "After considerable debate, attorneys , insurance agents, sponsors, family and friends, it saddens me to inform you THE BARGE PARTY IS OFFICIALLY CANCELLED . No further Information will be made available . My sincere apologies. Feel free to take your vessels out to the sandbar on the last Saturday of June/July get naked, blast your own music and play hide and seek with the 5-0 ! Good luck !" is very saddened to hear this news, and will greatly miss these fun events. We've included some photos from past Barge Parties, above. To reminisce with us more, check out the gallery of last year's July party HERE and June party HERE.