Old Dutch odd item for this week's burger night. Any guesses?

Funcoast knows what this week's topping will be and we will drop hints throughout the day.
Aug 1, 2013

First person to guess it right in the comments below will get a free burger. See guesses on our Facebook page as well.

Only guesses posted here will count for the free burger.

(Last week's burger with a Twinkie is pictured)

First hint: Two words

Second hint: The odd item this week is orange in color

Hint three: It's not an Apple, but it is PC


Jason Werling

amwybie, good guess, but no sweet potatoes this week.

Good 2 B Me

Butternut Squash

Jason Werling

Mmmm, cheese curls sound good on a burger. But not this week.

Better not guess butter nut either.


Grilled Peaches

Good 2 B Me

Potato chips are PC, but not Orange

Good 2 B Me

Pickled Carrots?

Jason Werling

We have a winner! And an hour-and-a-half before burger night starts.

Send me your contact info so I can let Larry know who the free burger goes to... werling@sanduskyregister.com

Good 2 B Me

YAY!! Is this good for just tonight?

The Big Dogs Back