Fodor's travel site asks "Is this Ohio's Coolest Town?"

Sandusky is nominated. What do you think?
Aug 14, 2013

Sandusky has the world's best amusement park, one of the world's largest indoor water parks and it's very own bay. Is there any other town in the great state of O-H-I-O that can top that?

The Fodor's travel website has a recent story asking the same thing.

A clip of their story...
And no trip to Sandusky is complete without a visit to Toft's, which began in 1900 as a local dairy and later developed into a classic ice cream parlor in the 1940s. Today, Toft’s scoops up 70 different flavors of ice cream to a seemingly endless line of loyal fans.



Absolutely the coolest town in Ohio. Where else can you ride a roller coaster and see a living replica of post apocolyltic America?

The educational use of the division of society within our city would be a great field trip opportunity for any school. Oh wait, they don't teach real social studies or government classes anymore.

The General

Jimmy Ego aka Raoul Duke where r u cup cake?

coasterfan wife teaches Social Studies. Their textbook appears to be real and she had curriculum meetings for the department last week, so at least in her district, they do.

I agree with ya about the roller coasters though. I work in the travel industry, and CP is hands down the coolest amusement park in the country as far as rides are concerned. I put Cincinnati first, with Sandusky in 2nd.


"........and see a living replica of post apocolyltic America?"
..................Good one.


Just don't go out at night.........


I think he should go out after dark and walk alone and see what he thinks!