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Virtuoso trumpet player performs with local symphony

“It’s very lush. It’s the kind of piece crowds will appreciate, I’m hoping they’ll appreciate my performance”
Tom Jackson
Mar 31, 2014
Go to a classical music concert to hear a featured soloist, and you’ll often see someone playing the piano or violin.

But a musician with a trumpet can be impressive, too.

Meet Alan Siebert, virtuoso trumpet player. If you go to the Firelands Symphony Orchestra’s final concert of the 2013-14 season, “Sound the Trumpet,” you’ll get to know Siebert and his horn.

​Want to go?
Firelands Symphony Orchestra concert
WHEN: 7:30 p.m. April 12
WHERE: Sandusky State Theatre, 107 Columbus Ave., downtown Sandusky
COST: $29 and $26. Special $13 tickets for parents of music students willing to sit in the balcony. Free for students sitting in the balcony.
TICKETS: Call 877-626-1950 or go to firelandssymphony.com  

Siebert, professor of trumpet at the University of Cincinnati’s music school, will be the featured soloist for performances of Alexander Arutunian’s trumpet concerto, written in 1950, and Baroque composer Giuseppi Torelli’s “Sinfonia” for trumpet and orchestra, G. 8, essentially a trumpet concerto in four movements.

The Arutunian piece quickly became world-famous after it was written. Siebert said that’s because it’s a very melodic, enjoyable piece that fits well into the tradition of romantic Russian music.

“It’s very lush. It’s the kind of piece crowds will appreciate,” Siebert said. “I’m hoping they’ll appreciate my performance."

Siebert has played with several orchestras, including the San Diego Symphony Orchestra, and has recorded solo albums of trumpet music. Several composers have written music for him to play.

As a child, Siebert wanted to play the cello. His father, however, had played the trumpet.

“He said, maybe you ought to try trumpet. I can help you with it,” Siebert said.

Siebert doesn’t need much help these days. Instead, he trains music students at the trumpet studio for the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music.

The trumpet isn’t the only instrument getting a chance in the spotlight. The Sandusky State Theatre’s historic pipe organ will be played during Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Symphony No. 3,” also known as the “Organ Symphony.” It’s a popular piece, often recorded and performed.

The orchestra’s conductor, Carl Topilow, has put together a strong conclusion to the orchestra’s season, said Jamie Steinemann, executive director of the orchestra.

“We still have some great seats available” she said.




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