It's all about the art

Artists, musicians finding themselves in Heaven at Grace Episcopal
John Benson
May 2, 2014
Grace Episcopal Church has recently become a haven for the arts with previous exhibitions ranging from live music to art exhibitions.
Now the Sandusky venue is merging the two creative disciplines beginning with a concert featuring soprano Victoria Wheeler in a program titled “Shakespeare to Spirituals: A Sampling of 20th Century American Composers.” On the art side, the new exhibit “From the Roots Up” features work by Efterpe Troupis.
Funcoast talked to Grace Episcopal Church Arts @ Grace Committee Member Rebecca Montague about the free event taking place May 4 at the Sandusky venue. 
Let’s start with Victoria Wheeler. Why is she a good fit for the Grace Episcopal Church Arts @ Grace series?
She’s a local soprano and was recommended to us. Just our whole Arts @Graceseries, we try to promote local artists, singers and musical groups. And being local, and being known in the community, is why we’re booking her. This is her first time here. Our church sanctuary is very conducive to music. The sound that can be produced from our sanctuary is just beautiful. Also, musically the acoustics in it are just phenomenal for this type of music.
Then there’s the “From the Roots Up” exhibit. Tell us about Efterpe Troupis.
She belongs to the Firelands Area Art League. When she had visited other shows we had, she asked if she could present her pieces. She feels her pieces just reflect everything that she’s done through her life and the different countries she lived in and taught in. She felt that our space would be a beautiful place to have them for the public to see.
When it comes to having artist exhibits, what are you looking for?
Every artist we’ve had, it’s really interesting, may not have had a lot of individual shows. So the fact that we’re opening this space to local artists to have an individual showing of their pieces, and being able to talk about it at the opening reception, is really important to them. They usually don’t get to do that often. We set it up so that it’s gallery-like.
What type of work can we expect from Troupis?
It’s gorgeous. She has a wide variety. She named it “From the Roots Up” and I think it’s what she said of how her art reflects her. She does portraits, pen and pencil, landscapes. So she has a wide variety of art mediums that she uses and the way she expresses herself. I’m very interested in looking at her pieces because they seem very, very nice. She’s also taught and traveled. She’s really quite worldly.
For those folks who haven’t experienced an Arts @ Grace event, what are they missing?
We like to promote local talent in an environment that they can just take their time and peruse the work at their leisure, and enjoy it. And it’s all free.
The concert & exhibit opening take place at 4 p.m. May 4 (with the exhibit running through May 28). Both are free and open to the public. Grace Episcopal Church is located at the corner of Wayne & Washington in downtown Sandusky (315 Wayne St., Sandusky). Call 419-625-6919 or visit