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App of the Week: Wind-up Knight

Our App of the Week pick for this week is Wind-up Knight, a play across game with a wind-up knight, evil roosters and more.
Morgan Addington-Hodge
Sep 24, 2012

Wind-up Knight is a fun play across game that starts out simple and expands in complexity as you progress in the game.

The King receives a hilarious email telling him that his daughter (the princess) has been kidnapped, so he sends you (the wind-up knight) to rescue her.

At first all you can do is jump, then you learn to use a sword and so on. While I’ve only learned these two skills so far, I know you get more because the intro video shows the wind-up knight doing things such as barrel rolls, using a shield and scaling walls.

As you run across the screen you collect wind-up keys, which keep you from running out of energy, and coins, the percentage of which you collect determines your score for the chapter. You also have to fight enemies and avoid deadly traps. When you finish each level you will be given a grade, if you get an A or above on all the chapters of a book, you will unlick something called the book's "knightmare level."

One of the most important things to remember is that you only have one life, so if you get hit by a rooster, skewered by those pesky spikes or fall into the water drown, you have to start the level all over again.

When you complete levels you earn cash, you can use this cash in the armory to purchase new weapons and armor.

Wind-up Knight is free on both android and iOs devices. Download it from the Apple App store HERE and from the Google Play store HERE.

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