App of the Week: Angry Birds Space

Chances are, you've played at least one version of Angry Birds. The game is one of the most popular smartphone games in the world, and this week, the makers of the game released the newest mind- and physics-bending version: Angry Birds Space.
Tandem Mobile Team
Mar 26, 2012

This new version of Angry Birds features the same basic gameplay as the versions we know and love. Red birds, blue birds that burst into more blue birds, birds that double as bombs and the rest. And those terrible pigs! But this time, the pigs have made it into outer space, and the birds need to defy physics to vanquish the pigs and get their eggs back.

The gameplay is basically the same as other Angry Birds versions, with pigs hiding underneath and behind structures and the birds needing to find ways around it all. But in Angry Birds Space, the pigs are now hiding behind and around planets.

So, launching birds takes on a whole new "dimension" as your birds now have to orbit planets and use gravitational pulls to get at the pigs. We even hear that Angry Birds Space offers a new bird with new powers, but we haven't made it that far into the game yet.

Basically, Angry Birds Space is like previous versions of Angry Birds, but with a new twist. If you're a fan of the Angry Birds franchise, then you need to check out Angry Birds Space.

It's available on Google Play in a free version for Android, but also with an HD upgrade for $2.99. The iOS version for iPhone and iPad is available for $.99, and the HD version is $2.99.

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