App of the Week: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

With the special winter pricing going on now at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, we thought it was the perfect time to review their new app. It's great for planning your next trip to the zoo.
Tandem Mobile Team
Nov 5, 2012

When you open the app you are greeted by a friendly chameleon above the main menu. Below the menu you'll find links to valuable information like admission prices, hours, driving directions, and more. 

One of the most valuable components of the app is the map tab. Not only is there a map of the entire zoo from afar, but also there are maps for each individual area of the zoo. The maps point out where you can find certain animals as well as bathrooms, picnic areas, shuttle stops and more. 

If you're in need of some serious Red Panda time, you might want to check and see if the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo even has the adorable little creatures before you make the trip out to Cleveland. In the animals tab, you can see all of the animals they have in the zoo listed by Mammals, Birds, Fish, Amphibians or Invertebrates. (They definitely have Red Pandas.) When you find the animal you're looking for you can also read everything you might need to know about it straight from the app in an encyclopedia-style entry.

In the news section of the app you will conveniently find upcoming events and recent press releases by the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, which is a non-profit organization, and the Cleveland Zoological Society is looking for "ZooParents" to "Adopt a Zoo Animal" to ensure that the animals receive the best possible care. Every little bit helps when it comes to taking care of 3,000 animals… and although you might not be able to take the Red Panda home at the end of the day, you can certainly frame a picture of it and display your “ZooParenthood” proudly.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo app is currently available for free for iPhone HERE and Android HERE, and Blackberry will be available soon.

For more info on what’s going on at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in winter, check out our story HERE.


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