App of the Week: Gifts HD 2

Black Friday sales are great but Black Friday sales combined with a complete plan and budget for each person on your list makes the sales and shopping experience even better! 
Tandem Mobile Team
Nov 19, 2012

Gifts HD 2 has more features than your average list-making app. To use the app you must first register using an e-mail address or connect with Facebook or Twitter for a one-click registration.

There is a helpful tutorial that comes up immediately upon registration that tells you how to get started and can be accessed at any time by clicking the question mark at the bottom of the screen.

First, you have to create an event. Although this app is currently being marketed toward holiday shoppers, it would also be great for anniversaries, birthdays, or any other gift-giving holiday.

Next, add a person to your event by tapping the plus sign. Enter their name and your budget for their items and hit save. Click on a person's name and add potential gift items by clicking on the next plus sign.

When entering a gift item you can enter a name or description for it, approximate cost, details of the item and a store where you might be able to find it.

You can set the app to consider a gift "completed" by when you've purchased it, wrapped it, or shipped it, depending on your personal preference. For each gift there are three icons; a shopping cart, a present, and a shipping pallet and you can check these off as you go.

For our Cyber Monday shoppers, you can also include a web address for any gift found online within the app, making bookmarking and going back to an item easy.

One really cool feature of the app is the ability to set budgets for your spending. You can set both an overall budget for the event and individualized budgets for each person that you are purchasing gifts for. As you purchase your gifts you enter how much you spent on them and then the app will automatically subtract the amount you've spent from your overall budget and show you how much you budgeted, how much you've spent and how much money you have left in your budget.

Possibly the best feature of the Gifts HD 2 app is the passcode lock. You can set a passcode specific to an event to keep any pesky gift-snoopers away!

This app is free to download on iOS devices HERE.

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