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2014 Battle of the Bands is on

Voting for the top five is May 6-23.
Jon Limber
Apr 21, 2014

As we all know, Ohio Bike Week is just a few short weeks away which means loud pipes, booze and the Funcoast.com Battle of the Bands. Every year, we partner with Ohio Bike Week to put on the battle where five bands perform to a panel of judges who decide on the winner.

Normally, we secure a slot as an opening act at a concert at Mad River Harley Davidson and recording time for the winning band, but this year we have much more. The grand prize package for the winning band includes:

* Performance as the opening act for KIX on Saturday, May 31 at Mad River Harley Davidson

* A record contract courtesy of Radio Gunner Entertainment

* A four song EP recorded and produced by The Mohawk Studio

* A band promotional photo session in Fremont, Port Clinton or Sandusky with Smashing Images

* A four panel Digipak (including logo & graphic designing and branding) done by DJ Jimbo Rocko

* A merch table starter kit provided by Foghorn Designs

The last day to enter the battle is Monday, May 5. All genres of music are accepted, but the only stipulation we have is no DJs will be accepted into the battle.

The voting period begins Tuesday, May 6 and will be closed Friday, May 23. From there, we will announce the top five bands with the most votes to compete in the battle at the Jack Daniel's Barrel House Saloon in downtown Sandusky. So if you or anyone you know would be interested in participating in this year's Battle of the Bands, click here to get to the entry form. If you have any questions about this year's battle, contact Jon Limber at 419-502-2126 or jonlimber@tandemnetwork.com.



A better prize would be a 4 song EP NOT recorded and produced by the Mohawk Studio.

Jon Limber

The Mohawk Studio is a loyal supporter of the local music scene and what it represents to our area. Every year, members of the studio willing donate their time and energy to try and help aspiring artists make something of their craft and we appreciate their hard work and dedication.

With that said, I am sorry that you are not pleased with this part of the grand prize for the Battle of the Bands, but I hope you can see past your personal dissatisfaction and understand that this is a great opportunity for an artist / band to take their passion to the next level.


Last Rite's picture
Last Rite

Well, a difference of opinion is a welcome thing. It promotes conversation, and discussion. We, in Last Rite, own a fairly decent studio ourselves with thousands invested in everything from mics and cables to computers and interfaces, and we still pay Mohawk to record. Why? They're better than us, or for that matter any other studio within 50 miles, at least! In our careers, as Last Rite, or previous bands, we've been in many studios. Our bass player even did work on an SSL console from Skywalker Ranch. We'll still take Mohawk! You may not like them (sounds to me like jealousy, since most studio owners around here tend to help each other out) but a growing number of local musicians disagree... I'm curious to know you reasons for finding them to be inferior... Inferior to what, exactly?

Jon Limber

Thank you for your respectful insight, Last Rite. I hope you will spread the word of this event and help us make it bigger than it has ever been before.


So i never voted but it keeps saying i can only submit once a day. Anyone know what the problem is or if they are having the same problem?

Jon Limber


We have heard about issues with this and believe we've resolved the problem. If you issue persists, please contact me directly via email at: jonlimber@tandemnetwork.com and I will do my best to troubleshoot the issue.


there's no way to vote...

Jon Limber


The ballot for the Funcoast.com Battle of the Bands can be found here: www.funcoast.com/botbvote

If you have any issues voting or finding the page, please contact me directly at: jonlimber@tandemnetwork.com


When will the bands with the most votes be announced?

From the Grave

Knowing how the SR works, they will post the top five on Saturday morning, the day AFTER the BOB takes place! Yet somehow they win awards...

From the Grave

I wonder who won...