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Meet The Judges: Shawn Daley

Based in Huron, Ohio, Shawn Daley not only supports local music, but supports artists in achieveing their dreams with music.
Jon Limber
May 13, 2014

Over the last couple of months, Shawn Daley and I have had lunches and brainstormed on how we can make this year's Battle of the Bands bigger and better than ever before. Over that time, I've had the opportunity to get to know him more on his level and understand his passion for not only his music, but his passion for the success of other artists.

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Due to the warmer weather and conflicting schedules, Shawn and I had our interview exchange via email and Facebook chat.

Funcoast: How did you get your start in the local music scene?
Shawn: I was introduced to local music by my older sister, Christina. Even though she's 10 years older than me, she took me to shows when I was only 12. I would get sat behind the mixing console for whomever was play and shown how to mix live sound. When I was 14, I started playing bass guitar in my first high school band.

Funcoast: What are some of your biggest accomplishments in your career?
Shawn: I've witnessed my country-rock project, The Tom Frietchen Band grace the top 25 Grammy nomination list the last 2 years. I've been able to take the stage with other acts all over the world, including Tokyo, Waikiki, Times Square and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I've performed with Rusted Root and rocked with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, plus I was the stage manager for Santana.

Funcoast: What exactly is the relationship between The Mohawk Studio and Radio Gunner Entertainment and how is it helping up and coming bands?
Shawn: The Mohawk Studio’s philosophy is “Face your Music”. Radio Gunner Entertainment is the catalyst that allows artists to “Face the World”. We work in concert to first, protect the artist’s rights and then to get their music out in the market. We network with industry professionals to allow the artists time to focus on their art while we are making the right connections to raise the tide and meet their ambitions.

Funcoast: When judging the Battle of the Bands, what will you personally be looking at from each of the finalists?
Shawn: I will be looking for integrity, honesty and hunger for their art. I run into many “artists” who are more about their image than their music. If artists don’t perform with passion and honesty, then its just an act; it's fake and you will not win points from me.

Funcoast: On a personal level, what was your first concert and what has been your favorite concert to attend?
Shawn: My first concert, Buzzardfest in 1994. My favorite show, taking my Dad to see Crosby, Stills & Nash for his 50th birthday.


From the Grave

...pay for the pizza...

From the Grave

If there are more judges, they probably all want to remain anonymous now!

Let's Be Honest

I have never heard so much crap spew forth from one persons mouth and mind in my entire life....I usually don't partake in this kind of banter but after reading this glob of pure self induced CRAP I can't hold back....

Where to begin? Let's start here ----> Shawn: I've witnessed my country-rock project, The Tom Frietchen Band grace the top 25 Grammy nomination list the last 2 years.

1) The Tom Frietchen Band has never graced anything let alone graced a GRAMMY nomination addressed to the entire band never, ever, never....and if they have I'm sure you would have no issues disclosing such letter addressed to the entire band with the invitations......Misleading which would be the kind of INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and HUNGER you'll be judging. google: Tom Frietchen band Grammy's and you'll see a cleverly disguised letter on one members instagram that doesn't allow the viewer to read the hidden letter.

"I've been able to take the stage with other acts all over the world, including Tokyo, Waikiki, Times Square and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I've performed with Rusted Root and rocked with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, plus I was the stage manager for Santana."

2) Shawn you were stationed in those cities so it would be no different than you being stationed in Marblehead and gracing the stage at Jamestown Tavern...so you're misleading people once again. Stage managing and working a Santana show are 2 entirely different things. Being Santana's stage manager would've made you his employee or would require you to be on tour with him and the company managing his tour which YOU NEVER WERE not simply working at a venue he performed at ......INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and HUNGER that's what we are looking for here Shawn....

I'm calling full blown BS on this story probably written by Shawn himself....like his so called Autobiography about his boring, uninteresting, self fantasized and made up bullshit lies that he believes

From the Grave

You gotta love Sandusky...

J_Bass's picture

Hhhhhhmmmmm.... Looks like someone is a hater...
1) I saw it with my own 2 eyes. Was the TFB nominated? No. Were they on the list of possible nominees? Yes. Getting on that list, alone, is more than most people in the music business have ever accomplished. That's something to be proud of.

2)Just being stationed somewhere doesn't guarantee a gig there. Just saying...
And stage managers don't always tour with the band, usually, if they do, they get a local stage manager familiar with the area/venue to help expedite the process. That's just common sense.

3) Paul Fuhr (not Shawn) wrote Mohawk, which is actually a good read if you're not illiterate. There's a long, strange, and unique story there that not everyone could have made it through as well as Shawn has...

If you want to hate on someone, that's cool. That's your God-given right, but do so with unopinionated facts, not slander and misdirection...

From the Grave

...and bread sticks...


I have met Shawn and I have read Mohawk and one thing is crystal clear: Paul Fuhr is a truly talented author because he actually made Shawn Daley sound interesting, talented and humble: 3 things that he truly is NOT.

From the Grave

BTW, Justin Bieber has two Grammy nominations. So that puts the Grammys into perspective...

J_Bass's picture

...oh... ...ya... ...good point...


Let's be clear (because YOU are far from HONEST) You won't use your REAL name.. yet we are supposed to believe you know something about having integrity & being honest?

I find your lack of fact-checking to be pretty amazing. No wonder you don't want anyone to know you you are. I would be embarrassed too! Let’s start here:

The Tom Frietchen Band - I never stated we were NOMINATED or received an invite to the Grammys. If you knew anything about how that process works, you would know a Nomination list is released, the TOP 5 on this list get an invite to the Grammy Awards. TFB was #21 Best New Country Album, and #25 Best New Country Artist - Hence in the Top 30 Grammy Nomination List.

- So I Googled: "Tom Frietchen band Grammys" - the image you are referring to? (found on iconosquare) Not anyone related or involved with TFB. Oh, yeah.. I almost forgot - TFB was also #1 on iHeart Radio as well, but you didn't want to mention that in your neanderthalic ramblings.. did you?

I'm glad you figured out that I served in the Marines at one point in my life, and the ONLY near-accurate assumption you have made in that entire rant of yours is that I lived NEAR Waikiki while stationed in Hawaii. Your Google skills should have also indicated that there are no Marine Corps Bases located in Tokyo, New York City or Cleveland... but you failed that fact-check as well Mr. "Honest" (Fun fact: I never had a duty station in the Continental US) How is playing Tokyo, Waikiki, Times Square or even The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame anything less than a good thing Mr. "Honest"?

I love the fact you don't dispute that I performed at these locations, you just simply think they aren't important enough for your simple-minded level of entertainment. Your screen name should be "Let's Be Funny" - because you honestly just compared playing Times Square with "gracing the stage at Jamestown Tavern in Marblehead"

Santana - I was paid specifically to be Stage Manager for Santana, Mr. "Honest" on that leg of their tour they had the venues provide Production & Stage Managers per their Tour Rider. I'm sorry this job description doesn't fit into your "Definition" of what a stage manager does, perhaps (if you haven't done so already) crack open your "Live Music Production for Dummies" book and turn to the chapter dealing with this subject. ...or better yet- Go here: http://www.amazon.com/MOHAWK-Pau... Download the ebook "MOHAWK" by Paul Fuhr and actually read it, it's not about anybody's personal gain. It's about the drive to win at life's challenges... you Sir, are Chock FULL of Challenges...perhaps you will be inspired to waste our time with more positive things in life? Maybe, some Haiku about your favorite food?
The only thing boring here is your ill-attempt at slandering my name and Character. Mr. "Honest"- please feel free to introduce yourself, I need to know the name of whom I'm signing a copy of my book to and how to get it to you!

Sincerely, Shawn Patrick Thomas Daley

From the Grave


50 Per Cent

Rock n roll!


I read this interview in disbelief myself as I have some inside information. However, I would think that for the integrity of the Sandusky Register and Funcoast that the writer would somehow verify these claims that Shawn Daley is making. It is my opinion that the truth is being stretched here.


also, thetruthisoutthere.
"inside information"?

Please do us all a favor, cease with the passive aggressive nonsense.
If you find it so hard to believe that I actually would make up stories detailing my past.. or the Published Book detailing those events..
by all means, post your name and email address so i can send you photographic proof.
Or.. please feel free to contact me directing on Facebook.


From the Grave

I don't like those dudes with the passive aggressive mustache and beard, the ones with no sideburns at all. I hate that!

J_Bass's picture

I resemble that remark!!! Guess I'm hated... Must mean I'm doing somethin right!!!

From the Grave



"I've witnessed my country-rock project, The Tom Frietchen Band grace the top 25 Grammy nomination list the last 2 years. "
Then why isnt it called The Shawn Patrick Thomas Daley Band


thetruthisoutthere - "my" isn't a claim of ownership, its a claim of membership.
sorry for not making that more clear.