Best apps for Black Friday

Specially-created apps for Black Friday make shopping so much easier. Here are our top picks.
Ashley Bethard
Nov 23, 2011

Specially-created apps for Black Friday make shopping so much easier. To make shopping simple, we’ve rounded up some of the top-rated apps.

So, what exactly do these apps do? Some compare online and in-store prices to make sure you get your hands on the best deal. Others allow you to snap a photo of an item with your in-phone camera, and then scans its barcode across other stores’ inventory to compare prices. Either way, it’s a win for you. Read on for more.

Black Friday Apps
• Black Friday by BradsDeals (iPhone)
   This app showcases some top Black Friday bargains, as well as promises to provide pre-release access to Black Friday ads and links to merchandisers’ websites.

• TGI Black Friday (iPhone, Android)
    This provides user access to leaked ads, including downloadable items like PDFs. It even provides alerts when the app is closed. Something we like: it allows you to search for deals across both product categories and merchants, and allows you to email those deals and that information to yourself or friends.

• Black Flyday (Android)
  This Android app adds a gaming dimension to shopping. Groups of people using it form teams and use their phones’ GPS to share locations of their bargains with “teammates.” It also automatically saves your team members’ posts about deals, making them easily searchable for you.

Barcode Scanner Apps
• RedLaser (iPhone)
   This is a leading barcode scanner for the iPhone, searching for low prices on your chosen item using tons of online and local merchants (Google Product Search, eBay, and more). It scans a wide variety of barcodes, including UPC and QR codes, and also has the capability to send your scanned barcode to others via email.

• Shop Savvy (iPhone, Android)
   This is another leading barcode scanner app for both phones, allowing you to search for a product by name. In addition to giving you online and local prices, a “Deals” section offers shipping promotions, coupon codes, rebates, weekend sales and other ways to get the same product for even less. Sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox) are pretty good, too.


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