If I had a millionth rider...

Cedar Point's GateKeeper breaks into seven digits with Michigan woman's ride.
Jul 17, 2013

One in a million. Literally.

That’s the luck of Marie Saenz from Milford, Mich., who was the one millionth rider to take flight on GateKeeper - the tallest, fastest and longest wing coaster in the world.  Saenz was awarded a $500 Cedar Point shopping spree, a VIP tour of the park and exclusive access to GateKeeper for the rest of the season. 

GateKeeper now joins the ranks of legendary high-capacity rides at the park, such as Millennium Force, Raptor and Magnum XL-200.

Photo Courtesy / Cedar Point



and the ride who does the highest rider count year after year, CPLERR

Matthew Eric

A "$500 Cedar Point shopping spree" WOW!!! That's like 2 hot dogs, an order of garlic fries, one souvenir cup, and a T-Shirt discounted from last year!