Kings Island to unleash Banshee in 2014

Does that name sound familiar? A Cedar Point ride was to debut with the same name. What ride was it?
Associated Press
Aug 10, 2013

Kings Island’s latest thrill ride — the longest inverted steel roller coaster in the world — is opening next spring.   

The southwest Ohio theme park announced details of the 167-foot “Banshee” coaster late Thursday. The park’s 15th coaster will cover more than 4,000 feet of track and include seven inversions. It will reach speeds of up to 68 mph over the two-minute, 40-second ride.

The new coaster will occupy the area where the ill-fated Son of Beast roller coaster once stood.  

The Son of Beast opened with fanfare in 2000, billed as the world’s tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster with a signature loop.

Watch a point of view video of the ride in the player below



I believe that was going to be Raptor's name.

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The Hero Zone

The "Mantis" is what the coaster at Cedar Point was renamed to be after fear of myth and superstition caused some kind of kerfuffle with management.

Good 2 B Me

It was Mantis. Public outcry of the definition of Banshee forced Cedar Point to change the name to Mantis. I am guessing the the "PC" people will be trying to get KI to change theirs after the recent death at Six Flags. I hope not, but would not be shocked.


The ride looks just like the Raptor which was built about 20 years ago.... And how is it a 2:40 ride when the video is only 1:53 and includes the time up the lift hill? Still think Cedar Point is the best