Cedar Point closes this weekend

We are sad to see the season end, because that truly means that winter is on its way.
Oct 23, 2013

If you haven't checked out Cedar Point's Halloweekends this weekend is your very last chance to go. Go! You won't be sorry. 

This year the park offers: 

Four different mazes take the scene: Eden Musse (by Mean Streak), Eternity Infirmary (by Wave Swinger), Zombie High School (by the main entrance) and G.A. Boeckling's Eerie Estate (near Planet Snoopy). 

Six scare zones including Carnevil (Camp Snoopy), Cut Throat Cove (Mavrick), Cornstalkers (Thunder Canyon), Fear Faerie (near Jack Aldrich Theatre), Blood on the Bayou (near Power Tower) and wandering Maniacal Mechanical Screamworkers (on the Frontier Trail). 

Remember don't touch them, and they won't touch you. 

If scary things of this kind of extreme aren't your flavor, don't worry, some family-friendly Halloween themed celebrations also happen throughout the day including: Gypsy Fortune Tellers, Skeleton Crew found located at Celebration Plaza and various shows including a high energy concert by the name of Slideshow... A Carnival of Magic.

For more information visit www.cedarpoint.com. 


Rusty of Sandusky

"Remember don't them, so they don't have to touch you." What are we not supposed to do?

Ariel Shuey

Haha whoops! Good looking out Rusty! Thanks! 


I am not sad at all.