Check out the Christmas train display at Corso's

Corso's Flower and Garden Center has got a very special surprise for this Christmas season.
Ariel Shuey
Nov 14, 2013

A large train display will be able to be viewed throughout the holiday season, free of charge.

The train and the village are quite beautiful and comprised of a lot of special Holiday surprises. The display itself includes miniature houses, firehouse, log cabins and snowmen to get you in the Christmastime spirit.

Want to go?

WHAT: Corso Garden Railway
WHEN: Now until January 1
WHERE: Corso’s Flower and Garden Center, 3404 Milan Road (US 250), Sandusky
COST: Free
INFO: call 419-626-0367

“The display is split between two hills divided by two eight foot bridges. In the valleys are plants and a pond from Corso’s,” explained Ralph Boyer. 

Boyer is a member of the Northern Ohio Railroad Society and has enjoyed trains since childhood. Boyer and around twenty other members and employees at Coroso’s set up this year’s train exhibit at Corso’s Flower and Garden Center. 

“As you come upon it [the display] you will see a trolley running back and forth and a bunch of log cabins” said Boyer. Then across the pond is a larger Christmas tree with a separate track running around it.

A button will be able to be pressed by spectators to make the trains go around the track.

There is also a mini greenhouse display with tiny poinsettias inside in the display. “We call it the Corso’s greenhouse,” said Boyer.

A group of eighty members strong, the Northern Ohio Garden Railroad Society travels far and wide to plant smiles on people’s faces.

Other displays have been set up at Crocker Park, the IMAX Theatre in Cleveland, Maumee and plenty others, including a holiday special at the Akron Zoo this year.

“We are just a group of die-hard railroaders,” said Boyer. “We just have fun doing it and seeing the joy on the faces of children and adults makes it event more enjoyable.”

The train display will be set up at Corso’s now until the first of January.



"Himself and around twenty other members and employees at Coroso’s set up this year’s train exhibit at Corso’s Flower and Garden Center."

Himself? The quality of writing from the Register staff keeps getting worse. Ariel, go find your 7th grade English teacher and ask him/her what's wrong with that sentence.


"Himself"!!!!!!!!My God! This isn't a newspaper, it's a high school rag. These kinds of errors are more and more common in the SR. Come on SR, at least have one of your kid reporters read another kid reporter's article before it's published. Employing kids one promotion from McDonald's doesn't a newspaper make.

Ariel Shuey

Whew! I'm so glad I'm only human who makes mistakes everyday and have you guys as our proof readers. Thanks for looking out!

Raoul Duke

Why don't you snarky bastards complain to the editor~email him~and stop clogging up the comments section.
I look forward to seeing this train display!


I can't speak for Nemesis (or anybody else on these boards), but I HAVE complained to the editor. More than once. And I've received a grand total of ZERO responses. (Thanks, Matt, for being so interested in your readers OR in putting out a quality product!) Since the reporters themselves actually sometimes read and comment here, it seems the best — and only viable — venue.

As for the train display, you're right: It looks awesome, and I'm looking forward to it, too! But again, a poorly written story does NOBODY any favors, including Corso's, and both we and they deserve better.

Raoul Duke

Rewrite the article and post it then.

Ariel Shuey

Hi Sam, since you're on Funcoast try calling us instead of Matt. Email or call me at 419-609-5876. I'll be happy to talk to you!

Good 2 B Me

It sounds nice. I will have to head over to Corso's and check it out!