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Reindeer Night in Washington Park

This time of the year Washington Park in Sandusky is where wishes are made and Christmas magic happens.
John Benson
Dec 13, 2013

In fact, the Cookie House, which is open for families to come down to see Santa, will be hosting a special Santa’s Reindeer Night from 5-8 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 17 in downtown Sandusky.

“The live reindeer is another great reason for kids to come to downtown to see Santa and also the Santa house,” said City of Sandusky Recreation Supervisor Victoria Kurt. “And it’s free. It’s important because it gives this community a chance to get together,”

This Christmas marks the third straight year the reindeer have been a part of the Cookie House fun. Last year, Sartor said roughly 500 people came out to see the animals and hear music from local high school choirs and bands.

“Reindeer Night is a chance for Santa to bring his reindeers to Sandusky to visit the kids, who can get close up,” said Sandusky Community Celebrations Council member Susan Sartor. “They can take pictures with the reindeer and Santa.”

While the party line answer may be the North Pole, where exactly does one find reindeer? 

“They actually come from Wakeman where there’s a tree and reindeer farm,” Sartor said. “And it was Santa’s idea. He wanted to bring the reindeer here.”

For those kids who are getting antsy knowing that Christmas – and all of the presents – are right around the corner, there is perhaps no better way to tap into that magical belief than watching them be wowed by reindeer, which will be soon flying Santa around the globe.

“People who haven’t been before are missing the history of having community awareness of children’s dream,” Sartor said. “It’s what they’d like to ask for Christmas and to visit with Santa.”