Craigslist item of the week: home to Sandusky

We think they should move back here and let their love flourish.
Mar 26, 2013

Apparently there are some love birds out there who need to return to Sandusky and allow their love to grow on the shore of Lake Erie.

The timing is always wrong - w4m - 23 (u-San Francisco me-Parma)

"Its crazy the things that can happen in 5 years. Murphy's law tends to screw us over a lot, man. You were often on my mind, quickly put aside because your sister said you were in a happy relationship. Now, we have found each other again, but I'm tethered down with a boyfriend and his kid right now, and you tried to get him off my case for me. You are on the other side of the country, struggling, and I wish we could both just go home to Sandusky, and give this the shot it missed the first time around, playing in the rain again, and getting to know who we've become in the meantime."

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What happened to Funcoast? This used to be a very cool website and now it is a shell of it's former self. What happened to Spotted? What happened to the fun stories on this page?

Morgan Addingto...

We're sorry that you feel that way. We think there are still fun stories, but everyone has different tastes.

As for Spotted, you can still find loads of great photo galleries here at, the easiest way to find them all is by clicking the PHOTOS link in our navigation bar at the top of the page, or by going directly to the page using the URLĀ We just don't call it Spotted anymore.

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