Crazy caption contest: go Browns

We know you love our photo galleries. We also know how much better they'd be with captions. Try your hand at writing the best caption for a photo from one of our January photo galleries.
Jan 25, 2013

We know you love our photo galleries. We also know how much better they’d be with captions.

Now is your chance to participate: we want you to caption this crazy photo. Get witty, get snarky — almost anything goes. Leave your caption in the comments below. 

We’ll feature our favorites in the February print edition of Magazine, which comes out Wednesday, February 6 in the Sandusky Register and the Norwalk Reflector.

This month’s crazy caption photo was pulled from the Pat Dailey live at the State Theatre gallery.

If you're looking for inspiration, check out our past Crazy Caption Contests HERE.

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I told this blind guy to talk to my friend, "Mr. Door" while I held his drink...LOL!