Roll in some Easter fun at Spiegel Grove’s Egg Roll

In honor of our 19th president, the Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont will continue their annual egg roll for children 3-10 years old this Saturday. “It’s a fun, family friendly event that is enjoyed by all ages,” said Nancy Kleinhenz.
Ariel Shuey
Mar 26, 2013

One of the most anticipated Easter events in the area has arrived at last. The Hayes Presidential Center’s egg roll will take place this Saturday, and you definitely want to bring the whole family out to enjoy the egg-cellent festivities.

“Our goal is to, with everything, emphasis history and educate people on our 19th President, Rutherford B. Hayes,” said Kleinhenz. “President Hayes started the egg roll at the White House and so to commemorate Hayes, we began it here.”

Want to go?
: Hayes Presidential Center’s “Egg Roll”
WHEN: 2-3:30 p.m. Saturday, March 30
WHERE: Hayes Presidential Center/Spiegel Grove, corner of Hayes and Buckland Avenues, Fremont
COST: 3 Hard Boiled Eggs
INFO: or call 419-332-2081

The story goes that in 1878 children were found to be rolling eggs around Easter every year on the White House lawn, while President Hayes was in office. Because the children’s fun tore up a lot of the lawn, they were told to stay away and not egg roll anymore.

President Hayes, who loved the outdoors, was taking a stroll around the White House campus during the Springtime, when a young boy from the neighborhood came up to the President and questioned Hayes on why he and his friends could no longer roll their eggs on the lawn anymore. The President, who had never known such a thing had happened previously, told his administration that if children were found to roll eggs on the front yard, to not say anything to them.

Thus, a tradition had begun. Today this same event takes place at the White House, and the Hayes Center every year, and today, it is still a lot of fun and a popular event in Sandusky County during the Easter season.

All children, ages 3-10, are invited to participate on the excitement this Saturday, March 30 from 2-3:30 p.m. Admission is only three hard boiled eggs that will be used in the egg rolling races.

The younger children’s egg roll race consists of pushing their hard boiled eggs across the lawn with a wooden spoon.

However, the older the participant is, the more challenging it is. “We do make it harder for the older children, they have to walk across the lawn with their eggs in their spoons without running, just walking” Nancy Kleinhenz, communications manager, explained.

The Easter Bunny will also be present, as before the games begin, the bunny leads a parade around Spiegel Grove, which is part of the President’s old estate. “The parade is really fun, as a lot of children dress up in Easter costumes and enjoy parading around,” said Kleinhenz.

To add to the fun, there will also be a egg decorating contest, and if a child wishes to participate, they will need to add an extra hard boiled egg to their admission price making a total of four hard boiled eggs needed to enter.

After the egg rolling, more fun begins. There will be story time led by employees of sponsor, Routs Chicken. There will also be face painting, corn-hold games and of course, the Easter Bunny will hang around for pictures after the egg roll.

“Even if the child doesn’t win a prize at the egg roll, we make sure every child walks away with something, and with having had a great time,” said Kleinhenz. Each child is presented with a free ticket to the Hayes Home before leaving for the day.

If the weather isn’t favorable, most of the events will be moved inside, however, the egg roll race will be canceled. “Even if the weather is bad, there is still fun to do here” said Kleinhenz.

For additional information about the Easter Egg Roll, please visit or call 419-332-2081.