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Relax with some Victorian tea

Looking for a fun and different activity to do with your mom, daughter, friends or grandchildren? Well look no further because a local organization is offering a unique activity that let’s you learn about the past, while getting to spend the present with the people you love.
Amanda Amsel
Oct 16, 2012

Want to go?
: Frost on the Pumpkin Victorian Tea at Tiffin Historic Trust
WHEN: 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20
WHERE: Grammes-Brown House (Tiffin Historic Trust), 172 Jefferson Street, Tiffin
INFO: www.tiffinhistorictrust.org

The Tiffin Historic Trust will be hosting their last Victorian tea of the year at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 20 at their headquarters at the Grammes-Brown House on 172 Jefferson Street in Tiffin.

This event gives guests an opportunity to dress up in their finest and come drink tea, while catching up with friends and family.

“We have several different themed teas throughout the year and because of the time of the year the theme of this tea will be fall,” said Nancy Cook, chairwomen for the event. “During the event we will offer tea, live entertainment, some appetizers and a tour of the Grammes-Brown House.”

Because the theme of the event is fall, this tea is called Frost on the Pumpkin.

Each tea starts out with an offering of homemade lemon scones and tea, next guests get to taste appetizers like cream cheese pinwheels, muffins, fresh fruit and cupcakes and then the food portion of the event wraps up with a second offering of tea.

“We offer two different types of tea, so people can get a variety,” Cook said. “Because the theme for this event is fall we will have pumpkin bread as well.”

Everything is served on beautiful vintage dishes and Victorian style teas cups.

After guests drink their tea and eat, they are delighted with live entertainment. For this event popular area actor and playwright Ron Hill will be presenting a special fall seasonal program.

After the live entertainment guests can take a tour of the Grammes-Brown House at their own leisure.

“The house was built in the 1800’s by Prussian immigrants and is decorated in Victorian era,” Cook said. “The house was donated to us in 1989 and has been refurbished to be historically accurate.”

All the items in the house belonged to several generations of the Grammes-Brown family and feature everything from a grand piano to period furniture to a sewing room to a children’s room.

“It is really a beautiful house and all the money raised from this event goes back into the treasury that helps care for this house,” Cook said. “We depleted our treasury trying to save the historic courthouse in Tiffin and now we are trying to replenish it.”

The cost to attend the Frost on the Pumpkin Victorian Tea is $20 a person and includes the tea, program, food and tour.

“It is just a great way to spend time with family members and relax, while also learning about the past,” Cook said. “So, come back in time with us for a few hours and support a great cause.”

To purchase tickets to the tea or for more information, visit www.tiffinhistorictrust.org.