Mekong is hosting a 101 beer party

This Thursday Mekong is celebrating the official arrival of all 101 beers available at the restaurant with a party, and you're invited.
Ariel Shuey
Jan 15, 2013

Are you looking for something to do on Thursday night? Well friends, look no further! Locally favorite restaurant, Mekong, will be hosting their first public party called “101 Beer Party” on Thursday, January 17 from 7:30 p.m. until midnight.

Want to go?
WHAT: Mekong’s 101 Beer Party
WHEN: 7:30 p.m.-midnight Thursday, Jan. 17
WHERE: Mekong Restaurant, 4318 Milan Road (US 250), Sandusky
INFO: 419-502-9476 or the Facebook event page

“Mekong is a place where beer lovers and the best Asian food around come together” said manager Kha Bui said.

So why 101 Beer? “Because we have 101 beers to offer here” Bui explained. The selection of beers comes from all around the world, including local breweries.

Two local favorites, Three Floyds Zombie Dust and Hop Slam from Bells Brewery, will be on tap this Thursday.

Live entertainment will be performed throughout the night courtesy of popular local musician, Steve Brownell. Word is Brownell is also scheduled to perform every Thursday at Mekong from now on.

Mekong is known also for their great Vietnamese food, which is a definite must-try if you plan to go to the party, especially since some of it will be free. “Our full menu will be available and I will be giving away free appetizers” said Bui.

For more information about Mekong or the 101 Beer Party check out the event’s Facebook page here, or contact the restaurant at 419-502-9476.