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Top 6 ways to celebrate Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is listed on the calendar, so why not celebrate it like a proper holiday?
Ariel Shuey
Jan 29, 2013

Groundhog day for those of you have been hiding in a hole yourselves, is on February 2, just like it is every year. With that being said, I should probably mention that we at Funcoast find the simplest stuff amusing, like Groundhog day, so I found some awesome ways for you to celebrate groundhog day. Why? Because groundhog is an animal and if an animal has a holiday, it means we should celebrate it.

That is how Groundhog Day started after all. The Pennsylvanian Dutch began the tradition, using the event to celebrate with friends and family by eating delicious food, plays or skits were performed for entertainment and speeches were given. Think Bilbo Baggin’s birthday in the Lord of the Rings. Well, subtract the ring of power, add a groundhog.

Below are Funcoast’s top 6 ways to celebrate Groundhog Day:

1. Throw a Groundhog Day party! It’s a great excuse to have fun. I wouldn’t recommend celebrating in the wee early morning hours, but how about the night before. You can have your guests make small wagers on whether or not the furry little creature will see his shadow. If there are children invited, set out large paper and have them trace each other and then color in their shadows.

2. Make Groundhog cupcakes and serve them at your party, or bring them to work or school and make everyone jealous. It’s really simple, just make normal chocolate frosted cupcakes but add chocolate chips for the eyes and nose and cut a peanut in half to be his mouth. Tada Groundhog cupcakes!

3. Watch “Groundhog Day” with the family. In 1993 Bill Murray starred in a film called “Groundhog Day”. In the movie a weatherman finds himself living this awesome day over and over again. Sure to entertain and make you laugh, the movie is fun for all ages. Rated PG.

4. Become a member of the Official Groundhog Day Club at www.groundhog.org. Upon signing up, you’ll receive an official, legitimate, membership card after completing the online application. Being a member gives you full access to your local chapter’s events, and you’ll also get an e-newsletter, keeping you informed on all the groundhog related fun in all four seasons of the year.

5. Head to McCarthy’s for a Groundhog Day party. Enjoy drink and food specials, live music from JK All Day, and the company of friends during the party at McCarthy's located at 101 Madison St. in Port Cinton.

6. Do a little “experiment.” Write on your calendar the results of the local ground’s predictions about spring. Then keep a log of the weather until the day it first feels like spring, was the groundhog right?