Rotary Pizza Challenge Recap

The Rotary Pizza Challenge was last night and we have photos and the list of winners.
Ariel Shuey
Mar 20, 2013

With over 1500 in attendance, this year’s Rotary Pizza Challenge was a huge success. “We were impressed by the turnout,” said Rick Jeffrey, co-chairmen for the the event.

Check out our fantastic galleries from the pizza challenge HERE and HERE.

Everything from a cream cheese turnover pizza to your typical favorite cheese slices, every pizza station came out with their best, to win.

Voting on the favorites in the specialty pizza category were select community members, including Funcoast editor Morgan Addington-Hodge and Funcoast winner, Sarah Noggle.

There were two different categories, speciality pizza and pepperoni pizza. First place speciality pizza was Domino’s Mediterranean Veggie. Domino’s also took first in the pepperoni topping category.

Second place for the speciality pizza prize was Wink’s Deluxe pizza and third place was taken by Beach’s Spinach and Feta.

Second place for pepperoni pizza was Huron Pizza House, third was Papa John’s Pizza.

“I thought it [the event] went well. The crowd was slow to begin with but once they got it in gear they got it hoppin’. We were very pleased with the event” said Jeffrey.

With the proceeds going towards the Rotary Clothed Kids Program, the Rotary team members expressed how pleased they were with the turnout this year. It’s not everyday you get to make a difference in the world by enjoying pizza, after all.