Blu Nite Club Set to Open

With no dance club in sight, Blu Nite Club has answered the call to be the local area’s only club where, according to Greg Lockhart, “people can just come out and dance the night away.”
Ariel Shuey
Jun 12, 2013

Next weekend is set to be a big weekend on First Street in Sandusky as Lyman Harbor opens its doors, revealing a new dance club, to be known as Blu Nite Club.

“We want to give the public something that they can’t find anywhere else and being the only dance club within fifty miles, we have that opportunity,” said Greg Lockhart.

With two dance floors, fancy lighting and staging, awesome dance music and more this club is set to rock your world.

The grand opening for this club will be June 21-22 beginning at 9 p.m., so come on out and bring your dancing shoes, for it’s sure to be a great time.

“The theme for our opening weekend is Las Vegas,” said Lockhart. “We plan to have dealers and card girls about.”

Want to go?
WHAT: Grand Opening of Blue Nite Club
WHEN: 9 p.m., June 21-22
WHERE: Blu Nite Club, inside Lyman Harbor, 1615 First Street, Sandusky

Only being across the water from Cedar Point will definitely have its perks. “People who are visiting the area, or who are even from this area get back to their hotel room after a day of Cedar Point and think ‘Okay, I did the day time stuff, now what is there to do at night?’ We are here to answer that problem,” said Lockhart.

Music wise, the club plans to please the crowd with a wide range of tunes. “The music will be wide range, all types of music for everyone, dance music that is. We want people to dance and enjoy the night,” explained Lockhart.

Full bar service and bottle service will be available for those over the age of 21.

For more information on Blue Nite Club visit their Facebook page, HERE.