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East Harbor State Park celebrates bicentennial

Some people look for any reason to have a party.
John Benson
Aug 14, 2013
For East Harbor State Park volunteer Carl Ten Eyck, a bicentennial celebration was the perfect excuse. After all, 200 years ago is when the park’s original owner Edward Lockwood was born. So a bicentennial celebration for Lockwood, who died in 1897, is exactly what the State of Ohio park will be hosting Aug. 16 through 18 in Marblehead.
Funcoast.com talked to event organizer Ten Eyck about this special celebration, which is taking place in the front of the park near Buck Road and Route 269. 
What’s the idea of a bicentennial celebration at East Harbor State Park?
It’s the 200th year birthday of the fella that was originally owner of the property out here. East Harbor State Park, we used to be a big farm. The family lost it in the 1940s, when the state came in and bought it. I heard a park is what they had intended the land to become. We’re going to have a dedication of the graveyard. We’re putting up a plaque at the cemetery. That’s going to be at 10 a.m. on Saturday. 
Who should think about attending this bicentennial shindig?
It’s for all ages. They’re going to have a ball. We’re going to have activities for the kids like sack races, hoop races with a stick, a cornhole tournament and some crafts. And then on Saturday night from 8:30 p.m. to whenever, we’ll have a huge bonfire on the beach. East Harbor also has camping for those people interested. We also have an old-time music band playing Friday night and all-day on Saturday. There will be vendors on hand making old-time things.
That sounds like it’ll get everybody hungry. What sort of food is planned?
Friday evening will just be more or less people can walk through the vendors. Bergman’s should be here with a wagon to sell vegetables and fruits. We’re going to start at 11 a.m. on Saturday with hotdogs and bowls of beans. And then on Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to whenever we’ll have sausage, gravy and biscuits.
Hmm, this event smacks of East Harbor State Park just looking for an excuse to host a party.
Yep, we’re doing it for entertainment to draw people into the park. We do stuff like this all of the time. I really have no idea how many people will come out. I’m hoping it’s big.
How did you get involved?
I’m just a volunteer here at East Harbor State Park. I work from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I get free camping. And I’m the one who found that on his tombstone. I told park officials that Lockwood was born 200 years old. They said, “That’s awesome.” I said, “Why don’t we do something?” They said, “Great idea Carl. You’re in charge of it.”
Ah, another example of be careful of what you wish for?
[Laughs] Yeah, I’ll tell you. It’s been something to put this together.
For more information, call 419-734-5857 or visit parks.ohiodnr.gov/eastharbor.