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Tips on how to celebrate Sweetest Day

If you're not quite sure what sort of gift to give, or how to celebrate we've got you covered.
Chelle Pletcher
Oct 18, 2013
Similar to Valentines Day, Sweetest Day is an occasion of love and affection. So this Saturday, on October 19, make sure you remind your loved one just what they mean to you.
Check out the lists below of great ideas for all sorts of different people and personalities.
  -Spa Packages. Every one loves to be papered. Check out Spa Kalahari, they have some great packages. If you're working on a budget, set up a spa night at home. 
  -Flowers. What girl doesn't like flowers? Have them delivered to her work, or surprise her with a bouquet when you pick her up. 
Sports Fanatics: 
  -Watch a Game. This simple, inexpensive gift idea could mean a lot to a fan, especially if you're not one to ever watch a game with them. Grab your honey a copy of Sports Illustrated, make some popcorn, and get ready to cheer. 
Animal Lovers: 
   -Rescue an Animal. Give the gift of life to a creature in need. Save an animal, give it a home. You animal loving sweetie will find the gesture selfless and beautiful.
  -Take a trip to the zoo. Make a whole day out of it. Grab some lunch, and see some wild animals. Enjoy spending the time together.
  -Pre-Order a Game. Has he (or she) been talking about the new Call of Duty nonstop? Well it comes out November 5! And you can pre-order it now. Not so much into COD? Well browse their game collection and see if you can find a worn out disk that might need replacing. 
  -Get your game on. Have a stay at home night and battle each other... Virtually, that is. A couple that games together, stays together. 
  -Favorite Books. This one is a no brainer. Buy them their favorite books if they don't own it yet. Even if they do, chances are it might be a bit worn from constant reading, so replace it with a new copy. Great book series often have collector editions of box sets. They make wonderful gifts for the fanatics of specific stories. 
  -Browse BAM at the Sandusky Mall. Some book nerds just love browsing the store's book shelves for hours. Make it a rule that the next one he or she touches, you buy for them. 
of new material to read.  
Attend one of these events together
  -Octogaweek at Kelly's Island. Head on over to Kelly's Island for a mini get away. Hop aboard the Jet Express, and get out of town for a bit. This will be a great time for couple or a group of friends. Have some drinks, laugh and carry on. 
  -Sweetest Day Dance at the American Legion. From 7-11 p.m. on Saturday night, the American Legion Post 83 is hosting a fun night of dancing. Go out to dinner and end the night by twirling around in each others arms. 
  -Boo at the Bay in Downtown Sandusky. This annual event is full of family fun, and great for everyone. For more details, check out our story HERE. 
No matter what you decide to do, it's the thought that counts. Make sure to remind your special someone how much they mean to you, and your day will be just as sweet.