Meet the man behind the Mohawk Saturday

Author of "Mohawk" Paul Fuhr and Shawn Daley will be at Milan Public Library on Saturday.
Ariel Shuey
Oct 30, 2013

Friend of Funcoast and pervious Battle of the Bands judge, Shawn Daley will be hosting a book signing with the author (Paul Fuhr) of the book he inspired Mohawk, on Saturday November 2. 

"It's quite a special situation actually, because it is me and the author's hometown," said Daley. 

Want to go? 

WHAT: Mohawk book singing and reading 
WHEN: 12 p.m., Saturday November 2 
WHERE: Milan Public Library, 19 E. Church Street, MIlan  
COST: Free

Bring your own copy from home, order it before the event on Amazon, or buy it at the event as extra copies of the book will be available and get it signed. 

During the singing, Daley and Fuhr will also be reading excerpts from the book and since a lot of the events and characters took place in Milan, participants can picture the non-fictional scenes unfold right before their eyes.

"A lot of things happened right outside the library's doors," said Daley. 

According to Daley news of a future independent film will be revealed during the book signing. So you definitely don't want to miss this event! 

And yes, he will be sporting his mohawk as always. 


Raoul Duke