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Annual Bacon Fest returns to Kelleys Island

When it comes to all the glorious meats that come from the farm, bacon is the tasty mistress that proves hardest to leave. Just ask any vegan or vegetarian, who regularly purchases fake bacon (facon, anyone?) to nibble at a strip that invariably has its own unique texture and taste.
John Benson
Jun 10, 2014
Not surprisingly, it’s been reported Americans eat roughly 18 lbs. of bacon annually, which equates to more than 5 billion lbs. in a year.
Hoping to capitalize on the public’s love affair with bacon is the Kelleys Island Wine Company, which last year started a Bacon Fest. The crispy event returns in 2014 with Bacon Fest scheduled for June 13 at the Kelleys Island venue.
WHAT: Bacon Fest
WHEN: June 13th at 6 pm.
WHERE: Kelleys Island Wine Co., 420 Woodford Road, Kelleys Island.
COST: No cover charge 
INFO: Call 419-746-2678 or visit http://www.kelleysislandwine.com/
Funcoast.com talked to Kelleys Island Wine Company General Manager Abbey Zettler about the alluring, cholesterol-unfriendly Bacon Fest.
First of all, kudos to creating a Bacon Fest event. You’re a genius! Why bacon?
Because who doesn’t like bacon? I don’t know why, but everyone loves it. It’s delicious.
Good call. How did it go over last year?
It was a pretty big event. We had a good turnout last year. It’s on a Friday night so not as big as a Saturday event but still a good crowd. We’ve been advertising a little more so I assume we’ll have more people. Last year, we had 100 to 200 people, and this year we’re looking for more, I hope.
What exactly do you have planned for Bacon Fest?
We have a band that performs here called the Naked Bacon Band out of Port Clinton. Last year we started doing bacon-themed dishes. This year we decided to expand on it. Last year we had bacon wrapped hot dogs stuffed with cheddar cheese, BLT sliders, bacon wrapped scallops. This year we’ll have a whole bacon menu with appetizers, small plates, desserts and drinks. This year we’re going to add bacon cinnamon rolls and more. We’ll have a potbelly pig running around the yard.
Wait one second, a potbelly pig running around a Bacon Fest? It’s cruel, right? 
You would think so. She’s a rescue and a pet. She’s moving to Kelleys Island for Bacon Fest.
Um, do you think she’ll know exactly what’s going on?
Probably not.
Haven’t we seen advertisements of bacon flavored vodka?
Yes, but they don’t sell bacon vodka in Ohio any more, so we can’t get it. But we do have a bacon bloody Mary and we’re using our own bacon-infused bourbon and other bacon drinks.
As far as this Naked Bacon Band. How literal is their name?
No, they are not naked. That’s just the name of the band.
OK, but do they smell like bacon?
They should but no, they don’t.
Bacon Fest takes place at 6 p.m. June 13 at Kelleys Island Wine Co., 420 Woodford Road, Kelleys Island. There is no cover charge. Call 419-746-2678 or visit http://www.kelleysislandwine.com/