23rd annual Huron River Fest returns

Small town festival brings community together
John Benson
Jul 7, 2014

If Huron River Fest Committee Member William Biddlecombe closes his eyes, he can feel the moment.

It’s the instant that every summer defines the hugely popular and community-friendly Huron River Fest, which this year takes place July 11 to 13 around the Huron Boat Basin.

“It’s just the feeling of community, with the river right there,” Biddlecombe said. “When you see the water and the rides and people and food vendors, all that together right there on the waterfront, that’s River Fest.”

WHAT: Huron River Fest
WHEN: July 11 through the 13th
WHERE: Huron Boat Basin,  417 Main St, Huron, OH 44839
COST: Free
INFO:  http://huronriverfest.com/home.

The 23rd annual Huron River Festival boasts traditional amenities such as food, fun and rides but the popular attractions include the fireworks, as well as the Pets on the Pier Parade, the Queen’s Competition and widely attended main parade. There’s also plenty of live music scheduled for the Huron Amphitheater. The list includes Sandtown, Hipster, Sobos and Meg Mischler.

“It’s a small town festival that gives everyone the opportunity to get together at one spot to catch up,” Biddlecombe said. “It also brings a lot of people that don’t live here any more back for the weekend. It’s just a good event for that.

“The fireworks on Friday night are definitely a popular attraction. On Saturday, we also have the 5k race.”

Something else taking place on Saturday is the 7th annual car show, for which Biddlecombe is the event chair. He said the affair has grown in attention since it opened up its doors for motorcycles and tractors a couple of years ago.

“This year we teamed up with Take a Kid to a Car Show organization,” Biddlecombe said. “We’re also going to have coloring tables set up for the kids. I started out with a car hobby because my uncle took me to car shows when I was a kid. The only way that collecting car hobby is going to continue is to get kids involved.”

If this year’s Huron River Fest seems like it’s just more of the same, well, it is. However, don’t worry, change is a coming said Biddlecombe as the focus turns towards an upcoming anniversary.

“We make changes to different things throughout the year but the schedule for the most part is very similar to the last couple of years,” Biddlecombe said. “But, we’re planning big things for our 25th anniversary, which is two years away. Right now our plans are all under wraps and in the planning stages. There’s really nothing I can reveal at this point.

“It’s going to be special. We’ll have a lot of the same stuff people enjoy but there will be some different things to help celebrate the 25th anniversary.”

For more information, visit http://huronriverfest.com/home.



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