Jingle all the way to Put-in-Bay

Annual Christmas in July is a party for the ages
Amanda Amsel
Jul 16, 2014

As tourist season at Put-in-Bay kicks into high gear many businesses are preparing for the busiest time on the island.

Want to Go?
What: Christmas in July
When: Friday, July 25 to Sunday, July 27
Where: Various locations throughout Put-in-Bay
Cost: Free

Each year area businesses celebrate Christmas in July. This year the celebration will take place on Friday, July 25 to Sunday, July 27

“Each business celebrates the holiday in a different way,” said Ty Winchester, president of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce. “Some businesses offer special promotions, others have holiday themes events and some just decorate their business with Christmas decorations.”

The celebration originally started as a way to reward The Roundhouse summer employees for their hard work.

“My mom Teri Winchester originally started Christmas in July,” said Winchester. “She was the manager of The Roundhouse and had a special party for her employees.”

Christmas in July marks the peak of the PIB season, so Teri Winchester would have a dinner and gift exchange with her employees as a thank you for all their hard work.

“As the island grew the event became more and more popular and eventually transformed into what it is today,” Winchester said. “Today approximately 20,000 people come to Put-in-Bay over the weekend for this event.”

Christmas in July is still the peak of the tourist season at Put-in-Bay.

“The Roundhouse is the grandfather of Christmas in July,” Winchester said. “Today they still celebrate and even make it snow inside the bar during the celebration.”

In years past events like the parade of lights and golf cart sleigh races took place, but as time has gone by some of these staple events have gone away.

“We still have the annual parade,” Winchester said. “Participants in the parade include businesses, individuals and clubs. They decorate floats with a Christmas theme and Santa even makes an appearance.”

Attendees of Christmas in July can chose from a variety of accommodations during the weekend. However, rooms book up fast so it is recommended that you arrange your accommodations sooner rather than later.

“I think the reason this event is so popular is the allure of not knowing what will happen,” Winchester said. “People hear stories about Christmas in July and feel like they need to be a part of it in case something great happens.”

For more information on special events going on for Christmas in July, visit www.visitputinbay.com/pib/event/christmas-in-july-at-the-bay/.



"have went away." Good lord. Basic grammar no longer required at the Register.

got it commin

Have fun...BUT...Get off the island by 5pm...watch out for the bartender at Mr. Ed's...Keep all your drinks to yourself and watch them being made...Guard your wife or G/F from predators..and you dam sure don't wanna be doing any rolling stops on your golf cart because that the law they take the most serious offense to. They dont care much if your spiking drinks with drugs...or raping the women after their drugged..Read the papers...you'll see what I mean..other than that..Have fun on PIB..


Absolutely. To your point, the best quote in the article: “I think the reason this event is so popular is the allure of not knowing what will happen,” Winchester said.


Don't bother taking money that jingles...