Funcoast Goes To: MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge

Ariel Shuey channeled her inner magic to take on the dragon at MagiQuest at the Great Wolf Lodge and report back to the kingdom of Funcoast on her adventure.
Ariel Shuey
Jan 14, 2013

MagiQuest has come to Great Wolf Lodge and, as promised, I went out and took on the challenge of defeating the dragon and saving the people of the land from horrible destruction. And I delivered, dear readers, after 5 hours of adventuring was able to conquer that dragon and become the hero of the kingdom. (Pretty sweet title, if I do say so myself!)

I even included some pictures of my magical journey that can be found in the Ariel's MagiQuest Adventure gallery, HERE as a special treat for you.

So here it is, here’s everything I have to report back to you about my MagiQuest.

The magical tool needed to find the ruins and ultimately defeat the dragon is a wand. Available in multiple colors and sizes, a wand gives you the ability to focus your imagination and inner powers to perform incredible magic throughout the kingdoms. The wands, and game costumes if requested, can be purchased at the new MagiQuest shop, on the first floor of the lodge next to the arcade.

I didn’t act on my Magiquest alone, however, because over 50 families took on the same challenge as I, and we became like a community of knowledge on how to gain certain runes and where to find the pixie, dragon, princess and all the other characters of the land.

A big help to me was my new friend Jason, who was celebrating his 13th birthday by playing the game. Because the game takes place on all four floors of the resort, I needed all the help I could get. Jason knew the game inside and out, and helped me find the objects needed to collect a rune.

Jason didn’t just help me however; I could find him everywhere helping children and adults of all ages. His shouts of “This way!” or “The suit of armor is found down this hallway” could be heard throughout the day.

My journey ended with him by my side, helping me conquer the dragon by freezing it and shooting an arrow in the weak spot under its wing.

MagiQuest is a lot of fun for all ages. I mean, who doesn’t like pointing a wand at chests and having them open to a pile gold or making pictures light up and talk to you. The ultimate goal is to defeat the dragon, but before that final battle there are a plethora of items you must gather, ultimately making MagiQuest magical scavenger hunt, which the inner-nerd in me enjoyed immensely.

The game takes place anytime during the Great Wolf Lodge’s hours. For more information check out the game’s website, or the Great Wolf Lodge MagiQuest website, contact the resort at 419-609-6000.