Star Wars themed museum coming soon

May the force of Padawan's Playground Children's Museum be with you.
Michelle Pletcher
Jun 2, 2014

Coming soon to Sandusky is a one of a kind, Star Wars themed children's museum. recently spoke with Shawn Butler, founder of Padawan's Playground Children's Museum, on how the idea came to life.

"I've been a collector for years now, and have somewhere between 20,000-50,000 pieces," Butler said. "My wife asked me, 'What are you going to do with it all?'"

Thus the idea for the museum was born. 

"Lots of schools have stopped doing field trips, because of lack of funds. How great would it be if there was a place they could come right here in Sandusky?" Butler went on enthusiastically. "We're still in the process of looking for a permanent location. We quite a substantial space. We plan on having a learning exhibit, a gift shop, and even a small eatery."

Until Padawan's Playground Children's Museum finds a permanent home, they intend on doing a traveling exhibit, to raise funds to be used in acquiring a set place. Their first of which will be this weekend, downtown on Saturday June 7th, during the Ohio Bike Week Block Party.

WHAT: Padawan's Playground Children's Museum mobile fun exhibit
WHEN:Saturday, June 7th from 12pm - 4pm
WHERE:Kids Fun Area, downtown Sandusky (during the OBW block party)

The fun exhibit will feature raffles, displayed merchandise, and even pictures with the famous wookie himself, Chewbacca. 

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We don't need to see his I.D. These aren't the droids we're looking for....