Enjoy some great deals and some great wine in Helena

This weekend you can enjoy some great shopping deals and some great wine during the Chateau Tebeau Winery Open House.
Amanda Amsel
Oct 17, 2012

Want to go?
WHAT: Chateau Tebeau Winery Open House
WHEN: 11 a.m.-5 p..m Saturday, October 20
WHERE: Chateau Tebeau Winery, 525 State Route 635, Helena
COST: Free
INFO: www.chateautebeauwinery.com

A local winery will be participating in an open house with a series of other businesses in the area.

Chateau Tebeau Winery will be hosting a open house from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday, October 20 at their winery located at 525 State Route 635 in Helena.

The free event will be in conjunction with other business that will be hosting open houses on the same day.

“Stone Patch, Pond Builders and Cindy’s Sewing and Embroidery will also have open houses going on during the same hours,” said Mary Tebeau, co-owner of Chateau Tebeau Winery. “This is the third year we have participated in this event and love it.”

While the other open houses will start at 10 a.m., the Chateau Tebeau Winery Open House will not start until 11 a.m.

If participants travel to all four locations, which are located in the small towns of Helena and Burgoon, they will be entered into a drawing for door prizes.

“The prizes will be drawn at the winery at 5:30 p.m., but you must visit each place to be entered,” Tebeau said. “Guests can visit each place in any order as well.”

Chateau Tebeau Winery encourages guests to stop in for a drink, a bite to eat and some live entertainment after a day of shopping.

All of the different businesses will also have specials going on throughout the day, so shoppers may get a once in a lifetime deal as well.

Chateau Tebeau Winery produces 15 different wines that range from reds to whites to fruit wines.

“All of our grapes are either grown here or brought in from local growers, so everything is local,” Tebeau said. “So come down for a nice evening and enjoy some great food, wine and entertainment. You may even find the perfect holiday gift for a family member or friend.”

For more information on Chateau Tebeau Winery Open House, visit www.chateautebeauwinery.com.