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It’s time again for the Rotary Pizza Challenge in Sandusky

Enjoy some delicious pizza from local pizza places for an amazing cause. Sandusky’s Rotary Club is hosting their annual pizza challenge to raise money for their Rotary Clothed Kids program, which provides clothes to those in need every Christmas season.
Ariel Shuey
Mar 12, 2013

The annual Rotary Pizza Challenge is happening again, and this year the event is set to be bigger than ever. With local pizza places competing for top tasting awards, you can come eat all your favorite pizza under one roof. “It’s like a big pizza buffet” said judging chair for the event, Doug Phares.

Want to go?
: Sandusky Rotary Pizza Challenge
WHEN: 4-7 p.m., Tuesday, March 19
WHERE: Kalahari Resort, 7000 Kalahari Drive, Sandusky
COST: $6 for students, $12 for adults
INFO: www.sanduskyrotary.org

Phares explained that there are typically more than a dozen local pizza vendors each year competing for the top place. The public is welcome to join in on the action. “It’s a fun event, more than a thousand people show up to eat every year,” said Phares.

However, this event is not just about pizza, no matter how good it tastes. This event raises money for the Rotary Clothed Kids program, which allows clothes to go toward disadvantaged kids around the area every Christmas season.

It is all about the kids first, and the pizza second. The pizza challenge has become the “most significant fundraiser of the Rotary Club” said Phares, who expressed that all the proceeds from the pizza challenge are reserved for the Clothed Kids program.

There are two levels of judging. One level includes celebrity judging which involves the judging of speciality pizza. “Each vendor makes a speciality pizza, and the celebrities vote on their favorites,” explained Phares.

The second level involves high school students and their judging of pepperoni pizza. “Our Rotary students of the month from February and March help take part in the judging,” said Phares.

The judging contest will be based on certain criteria such as best delivery pizza, best in-house pizza, best pizza with different types of toppings and a whole lot more.

Want to be a part of the judging? The coveted Funcoast pizza judge seat is up for grabs. All you have to do is comment on the Facebook post we put up yesterday, which you can find HERE, with your favorite pizza toppings and you will be entered for a chance to be our representative at the judging table.

For more information about the Rotary Pizza Challenge please visit www.sanduskyrotary.org.