Dreams turn reality, Catawba Island Brewing Company to open in Port Clinton

Cindy Gunderson and her husband, Shad, and cousin, Mike, plan to open Catawba Island’s first year-round brewing company in early May. Calling it Catawba Island Brewing Company, this has been a dream in the making for a few years.
Ariel Shuey
Mar 13, 2013

“My husband, Shad [Gunderson], and cousin Mike [Roder] are home brewers and have both loved doing it and always dreamed of opening a brewery someday. You could say that this is a craft and a hobby becoming our career” explained Cindy Gunderson.

Shad has been homebrewing for twenty years, and Mike for five years. They will soon put their experience to good use, as they will be the owners for the soon to be open, Catawba Island Brewing Company.

The business plans to open in early May offering handcrafted cocktails, wine, beer and handcrafted sodas. “People can expect to choose from six to eight crafted beers on tap, with two to four seasonal and speciality beers. When you come in, you will have easily ten to twelve beers to choose from,” explained Gunderson.

By hoping to remain open year round, the brewing company hopes to host unique events throughout all four seasons of the year. “Our hope is to cater to everyone from the local communities to the seasonal visitors,” said Gunderson.

If you are new to the craft beer scene, that’s okay, the brewing company is hoping to educate their guests on what makes their beers unique. “All of our bartenders will be educated on what different styles of beers one would possibly enjoy,” said Gunderson. Everyone’s tastes buds are different and workers of C.I.B will be ready to explain and talk through each of their crafted drinks, as well as offer samples. “We want people to learn to love craft beer.”

The brewing company will be located 2330 East Harbor Road in Port Clinton, and for the new business owners, there was no other place considered. “Our family has lived on Catawba for five generations. We love this area, it’s in our blood” she explained.

Live entertainment will be provided on certain nights throughout the year. “We hope to provide a really casual, laid-back atmosphere to our guests,” said Gunderson.

Although C.I.B won’t have a menu when it comes to food, the business has partnered with several food trucks around the Ohio area. “Our guests will have the opportunity to sample cuisine from all over Ohio” said Gunderson. You can bring the food inside and enjoy it with your beer or drink choice.

The company’s drink menu will also feature some delicious non-alcoholic beverages including Cruel Hoax Root Beer, Lake Erie Tonic Water, Pointless Quaffing Cream Soda, Barbarous Prank Ginger Beer and a few others.

“We’re excited for this opportunity” said Gunderson. After hearing a lot of positive community feedback online and off, it looks like their grand opening is one of the most anticipated events for this summer season.

For more information please check out the company’s Facebook Page or website at www.catawbaislandbrewing.com.