Celebrate spring with a wine dinner at Mill Street Bistro in Norwalk

Enjoy some of the best wine Europe has to offer, while also dining on some gourmet cuisine.
Amanda Amsel
Apr 11, 2013

In honor of the warmer weather the Mill Street Bistro is hosting the Spring Fling Wine Dinner tonight.

For $45 per person guests can enjoy a five-course meal paired with some of the finest wines Europe has to offer.

Want to go?
: Spring Fling Wine Dinner
WHEN: 6 p.m. Thursday, April 11
WHERE: Mill Street Bistro, 21 Mill Street, Norwalk
COST: $45 per person
INFO: www.millstreetbistrobar.com or 419-663-3663

The meal starts out with cream of garlic soup, then grilled asparagus salad, followed by roast leg of spring lamb, guests will then cleanse their palates with some ganache sorbet before finishing off the meal with a crème brulee.

All the food will be paired with an assortment of French white wines from the Rhone and Loire Valley region.

“For each course we will have a different wine paired with the dish,” said Joe Nagy, owner of the Mill Street Bistro. “Guests will get to sample some really unique wines, while enjoying some delicious foods.”

European Wine Importers will supply all the wine and Carlyle Smith will perform easy listening acoustic music.

“Wine is a big part of our business, so we try to have events like this quarterly,” Nagy said. “We try to work with a variety of distributors and producers to sample everything that is out there.”

The Mill Street Bistro also serves dinner Tuesday through Thursday, 5-9 p.m. and Friday and Saturday, 5-10 p.m. The full bar is open later.

The bistro offers a full dinner menu that includes seafood, aged beef and local produce. There is also a full wine list, martinis, beers and specialty drinks, as well as specialty coffees. They also offer vegan and vegetarian specialties.

“We try to use local produce as much as possible and use the freshest products,” Nagy said. “We also try to use special produce certain times of the year.”

Tickets to the Spring Fling Wine Dinner are still available, however it is preferred that guests RSVP. To RSVP, call 419-663-3663 or email email@millstreetbistrobar.com. Walk-ins will be accommodated as long as there is seating available.

“This is a pretty popular event and a great deal,” Nagy said. “For $45 you get a five-course meal and you get to sample some amazing wines, so come relax and spend an evening with us.”



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Raoul Duke

Or you could go to Berry's for something to eat...


No, thanks. I'd rather have Wendy's.


the finest wines and seafood from aldi's?

Now The Rest of...

What is the connection between the Reflector and this poor excuse for a restaurant, they continue to receive free advertising. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will remain a pig or in this case poorly prepared elk. Maybe the idea was to clean out the freezer before the health department visited.


Only if they are bringing in the food and management from somewhere else!

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Would this be fresh catch of the day frozen wine from self taught chefs from Europe?


Why would anyone want to eat there after Kitchen Nightmares? Go away Joe.

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No French onion soup? Bet the wine comes in a box.


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Wasn't having the best day but this sure had me laughing!!! Thanx Joe-maybe you should consider a career change and do stand up? lol


I am sure JC will be there to suck up(and JC is not code for Jesus Christ)


We drive by this place at peak dinner hours!And lucky to see one person there?What a joke!