Two reasons not to drink beer

Two recent stories may or may not persuade you to put down that pint.
Jul 19, 2013

Reason #1 — Drinking beer will kill you.

During a recent beer-drinking competition in Spain the winner of the contest drank over a gallon-and-a-half of beer, raised his newly-won trophy and then died. Read the whole story HERE.

Reason #2 — Mosquitos are more attracted to beer drinkers.

A recent story in the Washington Times referenced a Smithsonian magazine study that said the little blood suckers and other insects are more attracted to people that recently had a beer. The study also suggests mosquitos like pregnant women more as well.



Drunk mosquitos. Now we're talking!!!

William Jeffers...

"little blood suckers...are more attracted to people that recently had a beer". So true, I met my ex-wife at a bar.


The BEST post of the year! So absolutely true!


...this is fascinating, and could explain a lot could explain why some mosquitoes flare up brighter than others when they hit the electric bug grids...