Do you want to be a chef for the day?

Have you ever wanted to cook an elegant meal with an award-winning chef?
Amanda Amsel
Dec 4, 2013

The Culinary Vegetable Institute is giving amateur chefs an opportunity to have this dream come true with their monthly event, “Do You Want to be A Chef for the Day?”

“Each month we have an acclaimed guest chef who prepares our Earth Table Dinners,” said Anna Christoff, marketing coordinator for the Culinary Vegetable Institute. “This event gives guests an opportunity to actually help the chef prepare the meal they will be serving later that evening.”

Want to Go?

WHAT: Do You Want to be A Chef for the Day?
WHEN: Booking now for 2014
WHERE: Culinary Vegetable Institute, 12304 State Route 13 in Milan  
COST: $350 a person (includes two tickets to a Earth to Table Dinner)

For $350 a person, want-to-be chefs can help prepare the dinner, while also getting tips from a top chef.

“This is an opportunity to get a private cooking lesson from a top chef,” Christoff said. “Last month we had a top pastry chef who has been honored with countless awards, where else do you get a chance to cook with someone of that caliber?”

Guests will also get two tickets to the Earth to Table Dinner they are preparing the meal for so they can bring a guest and enjoy all their handwork.

Amateur chefs will learn new culinary skills they can take home with them and wow their dinner guests and families.

“We promote culinary teaching and learning here, so this fits right into our mission,” Christoff said. “We feel to become a better chef you must learn from others and what better way to do that than learn from the top professionals in this industry.”

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$350??!!!!! I'll just get a cookbook.


Whatever maybe $50to $100. Anyway for that FAT Farmer Jones to make his Green and treat everyone like the dirt he tills!!


You may see FAT, but I see a successful entrepreneur. His wallet is getting fatter that's for sure.
As for paying out $350 to work, it's not a great business deal on my end, but who knows, some people are willing to "fork" over the money.