Pier 684’s ready for summertime

Here are five cocktails Pier 684 created for the summer
Melissa Topey
Mar 19, 2014
One of these days — soon, hopefully — the frigid temperatures will disappear and summer will arrive on the Lake Erie shores. When that day comes, you better be ready to quench your thirst with some sensational summer cocktails.  The Register recently turned to the talented bartenders at Pier 684 in Sandusky for some grand solutions in celebrating the end of this polar madness.        A good cocktail is all about the consistency and quality of the alcohol, said Pier 684 bartender Scott Edinboro, otherwise known as “No. 4”

There are a lot of Scotts at Pier 684, and No. 1 would be the owner, Scott Lyons. Pier 684 is planted in a pristine spot on East Water Street, offering shorefront dining all year long. The place has an amazing panorama for inside diners, and also a deck outside for the warm summer months.

You can drop by the restaurant to try one of these drinks on the eatery’s amazing outdoor deck on the water, or you can try your hand at making one yourself at home.

Here are five cocktails Pier 684 created for the summer:

1. Pier 684’s Brandy Alexander
This drink is the typical Brandy Alexander but for the Pier 684 twist add vanilla ice cream, instead of cream or half and half, for a thick milkshake consistency

2. Green Melontini
To make this drink pour in a little bit of Midori, a melon liqueur and add Vodka. Then top it off with a splash of raspberry liqueur.

This creates a vivid green drink with a beautiful red bottom that is perfect for the fruit lover.

3. Chocolate Martini
To make this crowd favorite add Stoli Vanilla vodka with dark creame de cacao and a little bit of heavy cream in a blender and mix. Dress it up with chocolate syrup and a dollop of whip cream for a night out.

4. Vanilla Mint Mojitto
The Mojitto is still one of the hot cocktails to drink. Pier 684 makes a great version with its Vanilla Mint Mojitto. In a mixing glass mash a few mint leaves. Add together a little bit of Licor 43 and Bacardi Light Rum then pour in a splash of simple syrup. Add Fresh Pineapple and fresh lime wedges to the mixture and pour into a drinking glass.

Tropical, perfect for shore living.

5. Lake Erie Lemonade
This is a Long Island Ice Tea but made with a Blue Curacao liqueur instead of coke for a shocking blue tasty summer drink that packs a wallop.

Pour into a mixing glass some gin and tequila. Add in light rum, vodka and a shot of sour mix. Then mix in the Blue Curaco liqueur and pour over ice into a large drinking glass.

A great drink for summer along the water. It goes down easy, but with its high alcohol content, consider a two-drink maximum.

6. Bonus drink
Pier 684 created this for the restaurant’s Mardi Gras celebration, but it is perfect for any celebration.

Lava Lamp
This simple-to-make drink is a combination of a vodka Jello shot chopped up and floated in a flute of champagne.

Make the Jello shots the night before by adding about a half cup of vodka to 3 ounces of Jello. Pour into individual molds and let sit in the refrigerator overnight. Make the drink when guests arrive by cutting up the vodka shots into pieces, placing the pieces of Jello shot into a flute glass and pouring chilled champagne over it.

The go-to party shot has gone upscale. This is a light and tasty, easy-to-make, drink.