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Eat spaghetti and support Cancer Services, it’s that easy

There’s something about spaghetti dinners as fundraisers that attracts large crowds. At least that’s what cancer survivor Larry Riedy has learned over the last 10 years at the annual Spaghetti & Meatball Fundraiser hosted by the Sons of the AMVETS Post 17 with the proceeds going to Cancer Services.
John Benson
Apr 5, 2013

“Why I’m involved in it is I’m a cancer survivor, twice,” said Spaghetti & Meatball Fundraiser Chairperson Riedy, who lives in Sandusky. “We started it because Cancer Services helped me so this is kind of a payback thing. I’m letting people know what they do for the public and how great they are. They are an organization that’s self-supporting, and this is just one of their biggest fundraisers.”

Want to go?
: Annual Cancer Services Spaghetti & Meatball Fundraiser
WHEN: 12-7 p.m. Sunday, April 7
WHERE: AMVETS Post 17, 307 Putnam Street, Sandusky
COST: $8
INFO: 419-626-4548

Over the last decade, the annual Spaghetti & Meatball Fundraiser has brought in more than $70,000 for Cancer Services. Now Riedy is upping his goal for 2013.

“Last year the fundraiser netted $11,000 to $13,000,” Riedy said. “My goal is to make it $20,000 this year. I’d like to hit the century mark in total money raised of $100,000. So this year I have sponsors kicking in and people are helping out tremendously for me to reach my goal. That means 1,000 dinners. In the past we’ve served 850 to 878 dinners.”

For those wondering, all of those meals equate to 300 pounds of spaghetti and 100 gallons of sauce all being served to promote Cancer Services, which in 2012 helped a total of 562 persons, including 476 clients in Erie County and 86 clients in the northern part of Huron County. The non-profit offers a variety of services to cancer patients, including help with cancer-related medications, wigs, nutritional supplements, medical equipment for loan, breast prostheses, transportation to medical appointments and countless other types of support, at no charge.

“Cancer Services did a lot for me,” Riedy said. “I was kind of strapped, had no insurance at the time. I checked with many different companies, and I went to Cancer Services and they helped me with my prescription medication and things.”

Riedy said the fundraiser is not only to raise money for Cancer Services but also to spread awareness about what it provides the community.

“I want the public to realize the money stays local,” Riedy said. “They just helped me. They helped me mentally to get through it. I’m just giving back. They’re just great people.”

The annual Spaghetti & Meatball Fundraiser takes place noon to 7 p.m. April 7 at AMVETS Post 17, 307 Putnam Street, Sandusky. Cost is $8. The event also includes live entertainment and a raffle. Drive-thru orders for dinners are accepted. For more information, call 419-626-4548.