Pirate Day Fest

Enjoy a day of fun at this weekend Pirate Day Fest, put on by Perkins Schools.
Ariel Shuey
Jul 10, 2013

“It is time to support our students... this event is a chance to get the community to come out and support each other, as well as to have fun,” said Pamela Shirtz, co-chairman for the levy committee.

“This event will be a family fun, family friendly event,” explained Shirtz. “There will be food, games, corn hole tournament, DJ, raffles, a silent auction, 50/50 drawing and so much more.”

With everything above mentioned, it should be not only education, but a ton of fun.

Want to go?

WHAT: Pirate Day Fest
WHEN: 11 a.m. until 9 p.m., Saturday July 13
WHERE: American Legion, 3615 Hayes Avenue, Sandusky 
COST: $10 for adults, $5 for senior citizens and students 
INFO: www.perkinslevy.com 

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens, which includes a lunch of hot dogs, pizza and chips. Any money made from the event will go toward the levy and for any future levy.

However, Shirtz said admission is free for any who just want to come out and learn about the levy. ”If people don’t want lunch or to participate in the drawings, then admission is free,” she explained.

Levy goodies will also be available to pick up, to show your support back home.

“We will also have levy shirts, yard signs and flyers available for people to pick up,” said Shirtz, “We want people to come out and learn more about the levy and why it is important that it passes.”

The levy is on the August 6 ballot and its passing is crucial to the survival of Perkins’ schools.

Perkins’ Schools superintendent, Dr. Jim Gunner will also make an appearance at the pirate fest. “Dr. Gunner will have a table and will be able to answer any questions if the public has any,” said Shirtz.

Although this year will be first time this event has been hosted, the committee is hopeful for a positive response to continue the event annually. “We hope to host this event every year,” said Shirtz.

For more information about the levy and this event, please visit www.perkinslevy.com.



Vote NO.


Why Vote NO?


Vote NO! Why, because we don't like Gunner. When he decides to move to Perkins we might actually listen to him. Until then, have fun holding your corn and your $10 wieners!


Please help me to better understand why it matters where Dr. Gunner lives, and also why the fact that you don't like him equals a no vote?



I'll be voting no.


Very sorry to hear that. I choose to Vote Yes.

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Also voting NO! And I just found out that the board added another 2mill to the August levy! Now I'm definitely voting NO again! By the way, who was the genius who decided to have a Pirate Fest on the same day as the Huron Riverfest?

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Today was a flop of an event if I've ever seen one! About three dozen workers and about a dozen Perkins residents including myself. It was like I was in an episode of Stepford wives, listening to all the Kool-aid drinking families.



When were you there? There were periods of time when traffic was light, but I can tell you that overall, attendance was very good, and the event was a success.

I'm glad we entertained you. Did you happen to share your opinions face to face with anyone?


You just found out they added 2 mills? That has been public information for over a month now, from the day it was put on the ballot.

I'm not going to answer your question about the planning. It is so very easy to criticize behind a fake screen name.


corn hold tournament??? what is that?


That's a typo. Should read "Corn Hole Tournament."