Take a haunted walk in Norwalk

Discover haunted Norwalk on this ghost tour.
John Benson
Oct 21, 2013

Remember as a child things that went boom in the night confirmed monsters were living under your bed, in your closet and just outside of your bedroom window?

Apparently the fear of the supernatural has subsided in some adults, who over the past decade have joined the ghost hunting movement that is ubiquitous on cable TV with shows such as SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” and the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.”
Now Main Street Norwalk is getting in on the apparition action with its own ghost tours. The next fundraising endeavor takes place Oct. 26 at the 150-year-old Woodlawn Cemetery. Funcoast.com talked to Main Street Norwalk Program Manager Kristie Wert about the ghoulish affairs.
Why did Main Street Norwalk stumble upon the ghost tour?
We started the ghost tours earlier this year with the old Huron County Jail and Sheriff's home. It’s kind of a multifaceted mission to bring attention to our historic buildings and just to make people realize they are important and still do matter. The second part is to bring attention to our community and historic district. Also, it kind of gives it an event or activity that is going to be a memorable experience. So ghost hunts are a lot of fun.”
As far as the earlier tours, did anybody see or hear any ghosts?
There were noises and there were some communications with flashlights and K2 meters but no one saw anything. I will tell you when his team went out to the cemetery to do their pre-investigative tour a couple of weeks ago they did see a figure.
Does Woodlawn Cemetery have a sordid history?
It doesn’t. It’s the resting place of many fathers of Norwalk. There’s a Civil War veteran that’s buried there as well as other veterans. It’s a very historic cemetery for us here in Norwalk. Compared to our other ghost tours, this is more Halloween themed being outside of the cemetery. It just kind of adds that spooky aspect. I know that Firelands Paranormal Society’s Sean Dendinger, who will be leading the hunt, is very excited. They hadn’t been able to do a cemetery before, so this is their first opportunity. 
Why do you think ghost hunting is so popular?
The paranormal is very popular. It’s one of those cultural things that people get into. I think with “Ghost Hunters” and all those different shows, it really brought it to the forefront. 
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Personally no, but at home my brother was killed in a hunting accident when he was 21. When my youngest son, who is now 12, was little he would tell me the smoke alarm guy was watching him. And I don’t know how it happened, my brother died long before my son was born, but in looking at pictures of my brother he told me that’s the smoke alarm guy. That was kind of spooky but nice to know. Also, my son is named after my brother.
The Main Street Norwalk Ghost Tour takes place at 7 p.m. Oct. 26 at Woodlawn Cemetery. Tickets are $22 (for tour only) or $40 (5 p.m. VIP Dinner at Berry’s Restaurant).
Visit tmainstreetnorwalk.org/Home for more information. 



I see Annie and Jarrod of AJ Paranormal Research are in the picture. Will they be on the ghost walk?