Summer Solstice party on Middle Bass Island

Celebrate the beginning of summer with an annual party at the islands.
Amanda Amsel
Jun 21, 2013

The popular bar and grille JF Walleye’s Microbrewery and Eatery is hosting their annual Summer Solstice Party from 1 pm to 2 am on Saturday, June 22 at their establishment, 1810 Fox road on Middle Bass Island.

“This party was originally formed by a group of boaters over 40 years ago,” said Chris Zeitler, owner of JF Walleye’s Microbrewery and Eatery. “They had the party at Lonz Winery and when the winery closed they moved the party off of Middle Bass.”

However for the past few years attendees rallied to bring the party back to Middle Bass Island and JF Walleye’s took the celebration over.

Want to Go?

WHAT: Summer Solstice Party on Middle Bass Island
WHEN: 1 pm to 2 am on Saturday, June 22
WHERE: JF Walleye’s Microbrewery and Eatery, 1810 Fox Road on Middle Bass Island
COST: Free

“People love coming to this party and celebrating the beginning of summer,” Zeitler said. “We expect hundreds of people to show up just for this event.”

Integrating people who have been attending the party for decades with people who are just hearing about the celebration, the event brings together a huge gamete of people.

“We have everyone from boaters to tourists to locals,” Zeitler said. “Everyone loves celebrating summer by our pool during the day and cooling off in our air conditioning at night.”

The party will feature live entertainment, as well as food and drink specials.

“We are right across the street from the new Middle Bass Marina, so dock your boat and come over and celebrate summer with us,” Zeitler said. “We will have great food and drinks, so come unwind with us!”

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