Put-in-Bay hosts 12 Days of Christmas to begin this Thursday

Put-in-Bay businesses are giving visitors more time to celebrate Christmas in July by expanding the popular event.
Amanda Amsel
Jul 16, 2013

Island businesses will be hosting the first 12 Days of Christmas in July from Thursday, July 18 to Monday, July 29 at various businesses throughout the island.

Want to Go?

WHAT: 12 Days of Christmas in July 
WHEN: Thursday, July 18 to Monday, July 29
WHERE: Various bars at Put-in-Bay
INFO: www.putinbay.com

“Businesses decided to expand the holiday because guests were getting confused about the weekend the celebration took place and would come the wrong weekend,” said Maggie Beckford, executive director of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce. “By expanding the celebration more people can come and join in on the fun.”

In honor of the Christmas themed holiday bars decorate with lights and tinsel and offer food and drink specials. In past years there has also been a parade featuring Santa and his special helpers.

“We always have Christmas in July around the weekend of July 25, which is the halfway point to Christmas,” Beckford said. “This time of year is also the most popular time on the island, so a lot of people come over to celebrate with us.”

Some of the bars that will be getting in on the fun include the Round House, the Beer Barrel Saloon and Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grille.

“Each of the bars do their own thing, but every place is very busy,” Beckford said. “A lot of places will have live entertainment and holiday themed events going on.”

Guests also get in on the fun by dressing up as Santa, wearing Christmas themed bikinis and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer outfits.

For more information on events happening at Put-in-Bay for the 12 Days of Christmas in July, visit www.putinbay.com.


Capt. Ford

Not a fan of this decision, I only hope the extra days dilute the actions of the crowd this weekend has attracted in the past. I think the chamber of commerce rolled over on this one. I hope more will enjoy the activities in September, something to be proud of for our community.


Totally agree with Capt.Ford. 12 days of tourons with violent attitudes with their entitlement mentality!!! Normal people please return for Octoberfest


We always have Christmas in July around the weekend of July 25, which is the halfway point to Christmas,” Beckford said. Where did he go to school at ? ? ?


PIB has become another money grab by a few to make a few bucks. With all the ferry's from all over coming here (PC, Sandsucky and Lowrain) the clientele has really dropped. I will stay away from the urine soaked floors of every bathroom on the island. You fools enjoy!


Oh please, this justification from a group that celebrates New Years in September. Don't believe the chamber, it's all about greed!!


Genny, you are so right, the high prices designed to Keep out the riff raff isn't working. Every weekend something is torn up somewhere on the island. And every year there is at least one golf cart related fatality that the powers that be successfully cover up