Jam of the Week: Justin Timberlake (Feat. Jay-Z), 'Suit & Tie'

Yeah, we know it's already a hit, and you probably already know it, but we just can't get over this song.
John Benson
Mar 29, 2013

OK, the idea of the Jam of the Week is to point readers toward good music that might be new to them. So the notion of selecting Justin Timberlake’s already massive hit “Suit & Tie” may seem pointless, but man, there’s something special and rare about a pop song that works on so many different levels. Not only does Timberlake wear the song like the perfectly fitted suit that is his life, but musically the R&B-minded affair comes off as smooth as a timeless Michael Jackson tune.

Check out the official music video below. [WARNING: This song contains explicit language that may be offensive to some.]

Perhaps no truer words have ever been rapped by Jay-Z than when he dishes out “You just got good genes.” Enjoy the tune but also cherish how far this modern day Sinatra has evolved making his days in *NSYNC seem like nothing more than a teenage faux pas phase akin to getting a mohawk or going goth.

"Suit & Tie" is available for download form iTunes HERE, Amazon HERE and Google play HERE.

Every Friday, we post a Jam of the Week — a relatively new song that has caught our ear. Like it? Hate it? Let us know. Or better yet, tell us what YOUR Jam of the Week is.

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