Who is Danny Clark?

Local singer-guitarist, and Bellevue High School alumnus, Danny Clark has a song to sing.
John Benson
Mar 28, 2013

Most recently the Bellevue native was hoping to parlay a Hard Rock Cafe Reverbnation Contest into a live show at the Rock Hall City venue, but the gig wasn’t in the cards. It turned out the entire endeavor was a social media popularity contest and, well, Clark, who was in the running, didn’t make the cut.

Still, the 1982 Bellevue High School graduate is keeping his head up. 

“The contest was in February at the Hard Rock Café,” Clark said. “Reverbnation has like 700,000 people on it and they just chose me. The people who run it sort of picked me out. I didn’t solicit for it or ask to do it. And what they do is they pick you and you have to get your fans who understand Twitter and Facebook to do downloads. I lasted for a couple of weeks in the contest. I was pretty happy with it but it would have been pretty cool to get to perform.”

Maybe next year, is what Clark is thinking, but these days he’s quite busy readying the release of his debut EP due out in the summer. A former insurance salesman, the musician recently signed a recording contract through Tate Music Group. 

Stylistically, Clark said his music is influenced by the likes of Buddy Guy and Little Milton. He often gets the Elvis Presley comparison but he strays away from The King because he doesn’t want to be labeled as a cheesy impersonator.

“If you like Memphis soul, those are some big influences,” Clark said. “But when you play around here you have to do everything from Bob Seger to Jimmy Buffett to Frank Sinatra. My original songs are ‘All I Needed Was The Rain,’ which is more of a traditional Memphis kind of thing, and ‘Has My Memory Been Gone Too Long’ is more of a ballad.”

He added, “I’d say I’m a variety singer. I do some of my own but that’s tough to get a break.”

He may call himself a variety singer, but in all truth he’s more of a cover act, and there’s no shame in that considering he’s been doing so since he was 14 years old. Today, Clark is 49 and is in the process of living a lifelong dream.

“I had a heart attack in 2009 and they gave me three years to live,” Clark said. “They were wrong.”

In case you can’t tell, Clark feels as though these are exciting times.  

“They said, ‘You wouldn’t make it to your 49th birthday,’” Clark said. “Well, I’m still here. So either I’m dead and a ghost or I’m alive. So heck yeah, I’m excited.” 

Clark regularly performs at D & D Winery in Norwalk, Quarry Hill Winery in Berlin Heights, Pier 684 in Sandusky, Vermilion Valley Vineyards, the Bellevue Sports Hut and Grill and the Subway Lounge in Bellevue. For more information on Clark, including a calendar of his upcoming shows, visit www.reverbnation.com/dannyrclark.

You can also connect with Clark on Facebook here or follow him on Twitter here. The ladder is probably your best bet because, as Clark put it, "Twitter's probably my favorite."