Help the Sandusky High School Band by attending a concert at Lyman Harbor

Feeling as though they just won the Super Bowl, the Sandusky High School Band is going to Disney World…this winter. However, such as road trip is a costly affair, which is why the Sandusky Bands and Sandusky Band Parents Organization are putting on a special fundraiser event Saturday at Lyman Harbor.
John Benson
Apr 13, 2013

“We’re calling it the Starlight Serenade and it’s a prime rib dinner with silent auction items, raffles and 50/50 drawings,” said Sandusky City Schools Director of Bands Daniel Klohn. “There will be performances by 8th grade and Sandusky High School band members. We’ve got different ensembles that are playing, including the Blue Notes Jazz Band, some smaller ensembles and soloists.”

Want to go?
: Starlight Serenade featuring live music and a prime rib dinner
WHEN: 6 p.m. Saturday, April 13
WHERE: Lyman Harbor, 1615 First Street, Sandusky
COST: $30
INFO: 419-984-1096

The program includes jazz and classical material ranging from The Meters’ “Cissy Strut” and Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies” to Mozart’s “Minuet” and Bach‘s “Violin Concerto on Marimba.”

“It’s a varied program,” said Klohn, who is currently in his first year as Sandusky City Schools Director of Bands.

Speaking of being varied, mixing things up is exactly what Klohn is doing with the band program considering it’s been a while since the high school group was a traveling entity.

“To my knowledge, the band has never played at Walt Disney World,” Klohn said. “I think the last big thing they may have been involved in may have been Macy’s Day Parade in the ‘70s or ‘80s. And we did go to The University of Cincinnati and participated in their college band day with 11 other high school bands earlier in the school year. The kids got to work with the college students. So we’re starting to travel.”

Overall, Klohn said it’s a magical time for the 78-member high school band with the Magic Kingdom looming.

“The kids are excited about it,” Klohn said. “They’re really geared up for that and looking forward to it.”

As for the fundraiser, should attendees bring earplugs?

Klohn laughed, “No, absolutely not, it won’t be that loud.”



It's a fun trip. I hope the fundraiser is a huge success!


Was this information made available prior to April 13, the day of the event? This was the first time I saw an article about the trip and by the time I read it the event was over.
Promotors - please provide a schedule of planned events, supporting this trip, to permit people to take advantage and support your endeavor.

Most Wanted

I agree bayshore! You'd think Lyman Harbor would have promoted this event a little better considering Sandusky has prom at their facility every year. No wonder all their events left and went to Kalahari...they advertise!