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Feeling like a little country?

Adam Craig performs in Port Clinton
John Benson
Mar 26, 2014
Country singer Adam Craig is taking a night off from his namesake band for a special return to Port Clinton.
It was roughly 18 months ago that Craig first visited The Listening Room with Matt Rogers (who has been back numerous times since). The excitement in Craig’s voice is undeniable when he talks about the previous shows that sound as though they were life changing and magical. Hoping to once again tap into the fun, the duo returns for a show March 29 at The Listening Room.
Want to go?
WHO: Adam Craig & Matt Rogers
WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday, March 29
WHERE: The Listening Room (located inside the OurGuest Inn & Suites), 220 East Perry St., Port Clinton
TICKETS: $10 (two drink minimum) 
INFO: 419-734-7050 or thelisteningroompc.com
Funcoast.com talked to Craig – who garners Eric Church comparisons – about his memorable first visit to Port Clinton, as well as all that’s new in his world (there’s a lot).
Tell us all about your previous experience in Port Clinton.
I thought it was amazing. It felt like I was at the beach. Right when we rolled into town, it was just a cool, vibing beach town. You hear about this place that is nine hours away that is sold as a songwriter’s venue. Being from Nashville, it’s really hard to believe just being a traveling musician for a bunch of years and seeing how people aren’t totally receptive to singer-songwriter music right off the bat. But we come up there and it’s sold out two nights in a row. It was insane. The reception was amazing. Whatever you all are doing up there, it’s awesome. I haven’t been back since. I cannot wait.
So what’s new in the career?
I have an EP out right now. It’s going up on iTunes. We also have the No. 17 song on the top 45 charts on SiriusXM’s “The Highway.” It’s called “A Little Bit More You.” Songwriter-wise, it’s finally starting to take off as well. I guess they mean it when they say Nashville is a 10-year town. Obviously that isn’t the case for some people, but definitely was that case for me. As soon as January hit, I got the new Parmalee single – “Close Your Eyes” – that’s out right now and just a bunch of songs getting cut, so it’s really nice.
Wow, you’re a machine with “Close Your Eyes” and “A Little Bit More You.”
It’s amazing because out of the Top 45 on XM we are the highest song that doesn’t have a record label. We’re at No. 17 now and the song I wrote for Parmalee is at No. 15 so we’re only two spots behind them. They have one the best labels in town so we feel pretty damn good about it. I can’t believe it.
How does your new EP epitomize the songwriting growth of the Adam Craig Band?
Man, I think it’s just a gradual growth people go through. It’s definitely not anything that we’ve done in the past, it’s just a culmination of being together going on 10 years and playing in front of so many people that gave us their input whether they were trying to or not. We kind of learned to play songs that people actually give a [expletive] about or at least have some sort of a reaction. But for the most part, we want to play songs that people gravitate towards, have a positive reaction to, that want to play the dang song in their car or play the song as much as they can for other people and share it.
OK, so, um, you’re just figuring this out?
[laughs] Well, not just figuring it out but just now honing it in and capitalizing on the learning.
Just remember when you’re a country music superstar which small town in Ohio had your back.
I love Port Clinton. I’ll vacation there. That place is sick. That place is awesome.




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