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Thursday Photo Roundup

Thursday was a day of fun filled action. We had photographers out and about the block party, the Jackyl concert, a bikini contest and snapping pictures of the delicious block party food.
Ariel Shuey
Jun 7, 2013

In the afternoon, Jane Yount headed out to the Comfort Inn in Sandusky where a bikini contest was going on. Check out her gallery HERE. She also went to the Jackyl concert. Did you go to the concert? Look to see if she got you on camera, HERE.

John Limber was rocking it out at the Funcoast.com tent during the Ohio Bike Week, where we have a motorcycle cut out you can stick your head through. Check out all the people who posed for the camera, HERE

If you like fair food, be sure to check out this gallery that is composed of fifty shots of everything food, HERE.

Heather and Michelle were out taking pictures of the block party. Look through their awesome galleries HERE and HERE.

Be sure to come by and get your picture taken today at our Funcoast tent (located behind the State Theatre and by the beer tent), and pick up an awesome Funcoast cozie while there. Or smile for one of our photographers, we'll be popping around different events the rest of the weekend.



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